You’re here! So HAPPY to see you!!

As I was walking through the parking lot to to my car, bags of groceries in hand and hair whipping in the wind ~ I saw this happy little flower on the dashboard of a van along the way.

It caught my attention because the leaves were bobbing up and down and the flower head was swaying. I could almost hear its happy voice singing, “Hello You! I’m so happy to see you right now! Thank you for walking by and making my day!!”

Okay ~ so, maybe the flower didn’t actually say that — but I heard it none-the-less. And it made me happy to be seen and appreciated.

When my husband and children come into the house from wherever they were that took them out of the house, I always yell out, “Yay, You’re Home!!” They think I’m hokey, but I think it’s important to honour the Presence of another when you can.  We all know how incredibly special it feels to see someone’s eyes light up the minute they see you. It beats feeling unnoticed or like an intruder.

So now, when I come home and the house isn’t empty – I get half-hearted, ‘Yaaays’ when I sing, “I’m home!!” They lack my enthusiasm, but they’re trying. That’s more than enough for me.


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  5. wearmanyhats

    I love that song! I suppose no one appreciates loved ones enough until that person is gone. But it would be so nice if they did!


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