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I have learned that when I find myself unable to work through something of significance ~ it roots in an inability to determine a useful approach. When following the lead of emotion, or perhaps the limitation of an out-dated or erroneous belief or point of view – I can get quite stuck in the mires of Uncertainty, Doubt, Indecision and/or Insecurity. When serving as a Corporate Communicator, I seldom suffer as I do in personal day-to-day living ~ and so I recently stepped back and reflected on why that would be: what do I call upon professionally that I do not actively seek personally?

What do you value?

The answer is – Values. Companies identify and define Values to document what matters to them, what is important, the traits and qualities that represent their highest priorities while providing a baseline guide for decision-making and problem solving. Individuals have Values too ~ though many don’t hold the identification and definition of these traits and qualities in quite so formal a manner as Corporations do. For sure I didn’t – and so I’d sometimes find myself flapping whichever way the wind blew me with no sense of what might anchor me in a more grounded way to face the situation before me.

A few weeks ago, I came across a blog post of a woman whose Personal Life Coach had requested she identify her Top 10 Values ~ and then spend time reflecting on what made them so. I was captured by this and enjoyed reading the ten qualities she identified. They were interesting to me as they reflected an image of someone very different from me, but intriguing – someone that would be fascinating to know. In this, I recognized that my Values not only define my character to a certain degree ~ but also allow others to understand me better, to appreciate aspects of my personality and belief system that are similar to theirs – and aspects that are different, and perhaps worth getting to know. This led me to listing my own Top 10 Values ~ and I’m going to share them with you.

Before I do though ~ I’m wondering if you’ve already started to guess what my Values are based on how I’ve presented myself to you in the time we’ve known each other? I’m a firm believer in the wisdom that you are responsible for the energy you bring to each encounter. If I’ve been mindful in my time shared with you – wisps of my essence will have been present. As I think of some of you who will be reading this ~ I wonder what you might hold as Core Values in your own self-identify and definition. I anticipate I’d delight in the surprise of what you’d reveal.

To take this exercise from wistful reflection into practical use ~ I am using this practice to help me navigate this process I’m engaged in that’s leading me to my Next Best Chapter.

What do I Value and hold dear?

What really matters to me?

What path will allow me to enable my heart to sing while responsibly meeting the needs of every day living and meaningful contribution?

How far am I willing to go and where will I refuse to tread?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in my 10 Core Values ~ and I intend to skillfully interpret the information revealed to make decisions that set my Soul a-blaze and my Mind and Body a-moving through the transition that is before me.


Sally’s Top 10 Values:

Personal Responsibility

I’ll share how each of these traits and qualities colours the fabric of Who I Am in a later post.

I’d love to know if you see yourself anywhere in that list. If you’ve felt drawn to me in some way – does this list help you understand why? And did any of the items listed take you by surprise?

At the end of the day – it’s always helpful to remember that, “if you are confused, check with the sun – carry a compass to move you along. Your feet are going to be on the ground, your head is there to move you around just Stand’ …


  1. – When Megan told me to check the video out I was blown away being the mother of the bride of csoure I thought my girl looked beautiful however, I was truly touched when I watched this it just depicted the love and happiness of Megs and Scott on this truly wonderful day – so a heartfelt thanks to you for making it such a successful day. I wont he4sitate in recommending you to any of our friends planning a wedding!!!April 5, 2011 7:09 am


  2. Dana

    For me, the most important value is RESPECT. Because when you respect others and respect yourself, everything else follows. You have a very beautiful post. Good job!


  3. wearmanyhats

    I think values change over time. When I was younger, I didn’t think as much about values that turned toward others, such as kindness. I valued freedom a great deal, which I find that I have given up a bit as I’ve been tied down with a hubby and children. Freedom gets to be less tangible. Very thought provoking post, Sally.


  4. Sally, you have such a gift for thoughtful and interesting writing. Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

    Here’s a synchronicity story for you. A few weeks ago, I was reading about being an on-purpose person and one of the exercises was to make a list of your values. Then, I was reading Susannah Conway’s book, This I Know, and she suggests writing a blog post on 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me. Then, for a class I’m taking with Kim Klassen, she challenged us to write a blog post on 10 Truths About Me. These aren’t the types of things I normally share on my blog, but I think I might just have to.

    I see you as embodying all of those values. What drew me to you in the first place was your ability to really see (and understand) others, your presence, and your appreciation.

    Some of my values are authenticity, trustworthiness, openness, and freedom.



    I really enjoyed your blog post Ten Things About Me. I think it’s fascinating how Kindred Spirits somehow, in some way, find each other at some point. I see your four values in you ~ and find Freedom of interest. Freedom to risk, to try, to expand?

    I’ve been getting ‘expansion’ messages from various sources lately ~ synchronicity in action. I’ve opened to my own readiness to expand ~ and look forward to where that takes me.


  5. Wearmanyhats

    I will admit that I was drawn to you because of your kindness, respect, enchantment and understanding. The other values that you identified are equally as present in you, but they didn’t come immediately to my mind. I would have pulled up other values immediately if someone had asked me to list them about you.

    I really like the personal responsibility value. It’s something people don’t identify very often. And yet, it’s a huge value.

    I wonder if we are drawn to others we care about because we share the same value or are opposite.

    I spent time doing this some twenty years ago when I read Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within.” it was a real eye opener for my inner search. It’s so good for people to do this kind of inner search. I’m always glad to share these kinds of moments with people like you.



    While clearing out my ‘office’ ~ I came across Values I’d placed on a Vision Board of sorts many years ago. There were 8 altogether, and not one of them appears in the Top 10 list I just published.Got me to wondering if our Values accumulate over time; that maybe those we identify as critical Now remain so until we’ve managed to absorb them into our being – existing with them as naturally as we exist with breathing.

    Looking at the 8 Values I desired to remain mindful of many years ago ~ I realize now that I feel they better describe the Essence of Who I’ve Become. So maybe this exercise of identifying what matters to me is something that should be done every few years or so?

    Do you recall any of the Values you identified 20 years ago for yourself? Do any of them still appear on a Values list you might create today?

    Here’s the 8 I identified some time ago: Creativity, Vision, Humour, Wisdom, Understanding, Love, Beauty. (Ooops, look at that – one is repeated, Understanding. That lends well to my present value of Humility – the fact that I always believe there’s more I can know.)


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