Where you lead, I will follow …

At the Water’s Edge
Truth emerges quietly
And my mind is blown …

The practice of contemplative photography has been healing for me; in all ways, it has led me back to my Self and I’m finding, after decades of separation, that I’m delighting in the friendship.

With camera in hand, I travel to new parks and locations. Humility emerges and, together, we marvel at the Beauty and the Wonder all around.

Sometimes, Imagination takes the lead and the river’s sparkles, the wind’s whispers, the sun’s slanted light and Nature’s colourful pallet and depth of shadows playfully challenge me to wade in past my ankles, or scramble down bluffs, or climb up rocky banks to get a better look.

For the past two years, my camera has served as my Spiritual guide and companion. Together, we have wandered, led by wonder, filled with awe at the Beauty, Reflections and Light we always find along the way.

When viewing the photographs we capture, I marvel at the messages and wisdom I find contained within.

Time with my camera has become, for me, a Spiritual practice.

Yet, the camera is merely a device, a tool or conduit for what truly leads the way; a means to capture my Attention, to inspire Stillness and full Presence in each moment as it unfolds, and to experience Joy, Awe, Adventure, heart engaged, open, happy ~ Time standing still and endlessly infinite all at the same time.

At the Water’s Edge, I sit with the significance of this revelation and feel this spiritual truth in my heart:

Where you dwell in consciousness is where you truly dwell.

And from deep within, this question rises to the meet me:

Has my soul, through my camera, led me to this liminal space where Beauty, Light, Wisdom, Wonder, Stillness, Presence, Joy, Awe, Adventure and Timeless Infinity are not ‘out there’ to be captured; but are instead, reflections of all I hold within?



  1. The perfect song, Sally, for what you have discovered through your camera over the last couple of years. And, beautifully expressed, what that’s meant to you.


  2. Barbara Kettlewell

    Beautifully put, I too have found beauty all around me through photos of this peaceful spot of nature on the Muskoka river in bracebridge. I have enjoyed reading you these past years since we met in Mexico. Take care Sally.


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