What do YOU let fill your head?

I saw this Sculpture last week ~ and have been reflecting on it, on and off, every since.

It’s a two-faced head at the base of a waterfall. The Artist outlined the creative vision on a Plaque on the shore ~ and while I did read it, I did not absorb it ~ choosing instead to interpret it in a way that is meaningful to me. After all, isn’t that part of what Art is all about?

So, for me, the two faces represent the way we sometimes exist in this world; there’s the authentic Self that is who she is – and then the other Self who often steps forward to ensure that I make it through each day as successfully as possible, however I choose to define success at the time. And the fact that Wholeness is achieved when these two faces merge into one, mindful of how it will meet all that presents.

I’m a fierce proponent of the wisdom that my thoughts dictate my reality ~ and that while I’m not always in control of the reality around me, I’m ALWAYS in control of what I choose to think about it. When I’m unsure what to think about something that’s just taken place ~ I decide instead how I choose to feel about it, for in the knowing of THAT – I can then choose a suitable response and thought that will lead me to that feeling.

I didn’t always do this ~ I used to think emotions just emerged and I’d then be at their mercy. For instance, if someone reacted to something I’d done in an unexpected way ~ I’d generally go into a defensive mode, which would then dictate feelings that come with the sense I needed to defend myself, which then resulted in thoughts that were geared more to validating my position and perhaps even attacking the other person’s opinion/reaction for running counter to mine. This spontaneous and immediate flow of internal events would more often than not lead to nowhere good.

Over time, I’ve learned that I actually man the switch of that flicker of time I used to think happened outside of my control. When someone reacts to something I’ve done in an unexpected way ~ I step into that gap of feeling/thought/response and choose how it will play out. The situation itself would dictate what that string of choices would be ~ but generally speaking, I tend to choose toward Harmony. So, that is the feeling I’d be working toward – Harmony and Understanding. My thoughts would then be more oriented to information gathering and clarity seeking than defending and trying to validate my position. And my response would therefore be driven by more productive energy that would move toward Harmony and Understanding in the knowing that EVERYTHING is just information until you overlay it with emotion, judgement and assumption.

To have the two faces so near the thundering waterfall (and believe me – it was THUNDERING in an all-encompassing deafening way) represents to me the need to block out the noise and the drama of what can surround you while ‘out there’ in the real world and to focus on your thoughts, your intent, your purpose and the priorities that matter to you. It speaks to what I choose to put in my head. And the fact that the head is disembodied confirms to me that we best meet and serve others when we lead with our Hearts rather than our Heads ~ though two faces can be quite useful when one is tired and not feeling like being seen that way.

Live mindfully, fully present, conscious and responsible for the energy I bring to each and every encounter ~ and to always be clear about what I will, and won’t, allow into my head space. That’s what this Sculpture says to me.

Good thing I’M not the Artist ~ imagine the Plaque I’d need to share all of THAT!

How does this Sculpture speak to you?


  1. wearmanyhats

    Interesting piece, Sally. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how much of our behavior is truly just evolutionary leftover from times before this where we needed that response. Defensiveness, for example, leftober from times when we literally had to defend our cave from attacks. Our fear of spiders, for example, from those 20 foot buggers in Africa, or reaction to snakes from the poisonous ones. I wonder how much our reactions are purely innate. Of course, what makes us different is our intellectual ability to move beyond by reasoning. I cherish the reasoning you do and the journey your life is taking. Thank you for sharing.



    So true, that ‘reptilian brain’ part of us that still leaps to the Fight or Flight response to things even though the days of needing to do that (for most of us) passed long ago. You’re right also about our ability to reason – and to then course correct or respond as a result of that reasoning.

    I know quite a few people who have ideas and/or opinions about things – beliefs that have been rendered out-dated by new information … and yet, their mind closed the door on adapting past with present and instead, they see life through filters others don’t understand.

    We’re meant to keep growing, learning, assimilating and synthesizing. Those who’ve decided they already know all they need to know have simply figuratively got off the path and parked to watch life pass them by.


  2. It’s funny that you directed me to this today, when obviously, I need it. But also funny because this week, for a change, I have been in the opposite position, I started out in a very good internal place, felt centered, on course, etc… and then external things just keep getting in my way. I know it is all about how I feel and deal and confront these things, but it seems that this week no matter what I am feeling, these obstacles appear. It’s all small stuff, and it will all pass, but I have to laugh at the way life just tries to be a pain in the butt sometimes. I keep trying not to let it into my mind space, and it keeps breaking down the door.

    I love, love, love that sculpture.



    When I go through episodes as you’re experiencing ~ I stop trying to plow through to the other side and instead step back and find clues in the onslaught that will allow me to interpret the message it may be bringing to me.

    Is there a theme to the things that keep getting in the way? Is there perhaps something important that they present that I’m missing because I’m too focused on where I really WANT to go vs where maybe I might be better considering as a path instead? Is something needed from me that I’m missing? Or, conversely, have I neglected something that the Universe is sending symbolically to get my attention?

    I sometimes find that when I stop DOing and take time to find meaning in the way everything seems to be conspiring against me ~ I can glean insight that makes things MUCH better going forward.

    Let your Inner Detective handle this stream of events and see what she comes up with. The results may surprise you …


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