We’re all alone

“Once a story’s told, it can’t help but grow old …”

There is just something about this phrase that captures my attention. For me, it’s about knowing when to let go; knowing HOW to let go. Being present in the moment where an experience shifts from something colourful to something to a more grayscale snapshot of what it once was, what it then represented, who you were, in that moment in time, that moment that is now gone; alive only in your memory, haunting the present because you have not yet let it go.

We are dynamic at essence. Life happens, and the experiences we encounter along the way changes who we are.

When we’re reluctant to honour those changes for the opportunities they represent, when we’re reticent to step fully into each new and grander version of who we are – our ‘colour’ starts to fade. We move toward living each day as grayscale versions of ourselves, navigating each moment as we have done in the past, responding to day-to-day activities as we did before we had the experience, knowledge, information, insight that replenished our ‘colour’, capacity and vibrancy.

Sometimes we hang on to out-dated concepts of ourselves because somewhere within, we believe that’s as good as we’ll ever get, that our best moments have passed, that we’ve peaked in the areas of wisdom, energy, likability and more. We measure where we are now against our opinion of who we were then – and we fade to grayscale without even knowing it.

You have permission to change over time. You are allowed to follow new passions, hold new beliefs, try different approaches and expand, or rework, your network of connections. You are dynamic, colourful, insightful and able to continually create yourself to be the very best version of who you choose to be.


There are some places we must go alone; to reflect, readjust, renew and re-emerge. For once a story’s told – it can’t help but grow old …


  1. Beth

    Good to be thinking again on these subjects. I am amazed at how most people change and never realize it. Much like the frog in the pan of hot water on the stove…

    It’s amazing to me how we rarely give ourselves permission to do certain things: like feel or be frustrated or angry, or dream big. Without that permission, our story often doesn’t get told. Good provocative thinking today!


  2. Thank you, Sally. I’ve been feeling a little off-color myself. And grayscale. But seriously, thank you. I’ve been spending too much time looking in the rear-view mirror, and this is a great reminder that there’s so much more ahead of me.



    Gosh Laurie – from ‘the outside looking in’, your future appears to be so brilliant and bright – goes to show that you just never know what another is going through.

    The rear view mirror can certainly be riveting. It’s likely an art to realize when you’re attention is there instead of the road ahead. So many of us are driven by elements of our past (real and made up) – we could all benefit from thinking more like Crayola, introducing exciting new colours to keep things vibrant and alive.

    Thank you so much for chatting with me today. Our theme song for today: Color Everywhere by Christian Bautista http://youtu.be/YLSmdZrOoAY


  3. As I read this, you put with great insight exactly what I’ve been going through for quite a few years now. I like how you say it because I have lost my colour and I do feel very grayscale. You nailed the feeling perfectly. I have one story that has grown so old but it ended hurtful. I keep thinking I’ve let go and then bam there’s that feeling again. Your post describes exactly how it’s made me feel though. Very grayscale. I think this helps because I need my colour back more than the story, and no matter how I try the ending will remain the same. Thanks bunches.



    Peabea – for me, you are a Poet. Your insight, “I need my colour back more than the story, and no matter how I try the ending will remain the same” speaks volumes about the healing power of forgiveness, release and presence.

    I appreciate you reading this and letting me know that my thoughts made sense. Sometimes I just never know if I should have hit the Publish button or not. I do like the thought that there are a few of us looking to infuse more colour into ourselves and our lives. We’re certainly all deserving.

    A new theme song for today: Kodachrome by Paul Simon … http://youtu.be/pLsDxvAErTU


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