Turn the page …

I love turning the calendar to its new page on the first of every month.

Sometimes, I don’t get that ‘new month, time to turn the page’ feeling until the 2nd, 3rd or 4th of the month ~ yet I enjoy the process none-the-less.

Every Christmas, I buy myself two calendars. One is for marking special days, appointments and events ~ the other, is displayed like Art in its own blue, wooden frame. Both hang in the kitchen. Both must bring something beautiful to my heart every time I look at them. It can take me some time to select which two calendars will share the next year with me – and it’s worth every moment invested.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen – which is why I choose to hang them there. On the days I turn the page from one month to the next – I like to spend time with the image, and/or the inspirational quote if I chose a calendar featuring that, and imagine a story. I don’t necessarily have to be in the story. For instance, in this Month’s illustration – I was captured by the beautiful plants, in pots, not part of the traditional garden – but thriving none-the-less. I noted with pleasure the two watering cans – one in the picture itself, the other near the last day of the month down below. I am drawn to watering cans, you see. They make me happy.

Something I like to do that brings Magic to my day is a little thing I call Spirit Sleuthing. It’s a fun way to create space for my Intuition and Inner Guidance to emerge and share information with me that I might be missing while whirling in the thoughts in my head. I imagine this is my greatest reason for loving the process of turning the page from one month to the next ~ because it allows me the opportunity to Spirit Sleuth a photo I’m not expecting to see … and to interpret meaning from it that, applied throughout the month, can help me experience my life with more attention and presence as I seek out my Something Beautiful(s) that are just waiting to show up.

As you read that last paragraph, did you allow your eyes to drift to the image? What caught your eye, or perhaps held your attention beyond anything else? What did you think of when you looked at this scene? Did a memory rise up out of nowhere? Did you hear a song in your head? Did a story about what you were looking at take form?

This is all information you know. Getting out of our heads and into our imaginations leads us to insights and perspective shifts that can truly change the way we’re experiencing something before us. This information, once interpreted and applied, can bring clarity to confusion, clear steps to overwhelm – Magic to the mundane.

I imagine I love watering cans because they bring nurture and sustenance to all they water. Using a watering can rather than spraying with a hose can be rather meditative. As you go back and forth to the hose, or the rain barrel, or whatever the main water source happens to be to the plot needing the nurture, the drink – its mindful activity bearing meaning, significance, and – with luck – harvest and fruition.

Watering cans also tend to be used once the hard work of planting the seeds or flowers or vegetables or herbs is done. The use of these devices brings attention to what has been planted with an eye to helping it grow, flourish, mature – in its own time, in the knowing that the effort will likely lead to effective results.

The beautiful flowers in pots outside of the traditional garden bears meaning for me too. Just because things don’t tend to go the way I’d expected, or perhaps even hoped, doesn’t mean that things won’t turn out for the best anyway. In fact, things may thrive and be even more beautiful for having been removed from the plot of ‘the way I’ve always done it’.

And finally, the fact that the watering can appears twice – and at both the beginning and the end of the month ~ well, I take that as reinforcement that nothing that has been done up to this point in my life has been wasted. In fact, it can all be considered Planting for what is about to come next. And what will come next will grow as a direct result of the time and attention I put toward its sustenance now.

Is there a difference between burying and planting? Maybe. But the message for me, this month, is to remain mindful of what I’m trying to grow, what I’m hoping to achieve ~ and to be disciplined and diligent in the watering and nurturing of those goals, while also accepting that just because some aspects have been removed from the garden I thought I was growing ~ they are rendered no less beautiful or spectacular as a result.

In Life, it’s important not to get too caught up in what you’d hoped and expected when things were different ~ because Magic can be found when you’re ready to Turn the Page.

(By the way – what did YOU see in this month’s calendar image, and did it bring insight or a perspective shift to a situation you’ve been thinking about?)


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