Today is your day …

How might things be different for you if you believed this to be true ~ if you believed that TODAY is your day?

Where would you focus your attention?

How would you choose to feel?

What might you do different, if today – you became Present in more moments, with full Attention and Awareness, rather than allowing Life’s Busy to keep you in auto-pilot?

What might you see that you’d normally miss?

What might you hear when you actually listen?

How might you feel if you gave yourself Space and Time to experience what you’re feeling – and would you stay with that feeling, or wonder why you’re there?

Are you a Shadowed Reflection in certain aspects of Your Life? And if so, why …

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  1. wearmanyhats

    What a great song! Of course, some people know that today is your day and you need to grab it. But the real story is, to me anyway, is whether you think the open shades helped the family whose father yelled a lot. Now there’s a story!



    Beth, it’s amazing how often I think of that family – and hope that they’re all okay. They rented the house next door for one year — originally from the U.S. – that’s where they returned after one year here in Canada.

    Did it make a difference? Did she even notice? I’ll never know. My husband is very privacy oriented = when he saw the blinds open, he closed them. When he walked away, I opened them again. It’s the only time, really, that I defied him. I just really felt it mattered.

    I left her a Mother’s Day card in her mailbox when she was here — and had her and her younger children over from time to time during the day as well. She was such a lovely woman and I admired much about her.

    Fingers crossed – all is okay. But yes, what a story that would be …


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