The River’s Journey …

It is early morning and I’m sitting with a coffee in the tranquility of my backyard thinking, I’m working too hard to find what it is that I’m meant to be doing. Too hard to determine something ‘acceptable’ and ‘marketable’ to create and put out into the world. I’m completely in the way; I need to stop limiting my opportunities by thinking I am in control of every aspect of every moment.

You should be experiencing the life that’s happening to you, not the one you wish was happening. Don’t waste a moment of life trying to make other things happen; appreciate the moments you are given.

At the Water's Edge Wisdom says, 'the Time has come' To move into the flow

At the Water’s Edge
Wisdom says, ‘the Time has come’
To move into the flow

There have been many clues that I’m now lingering too long on the edge of what is waiting for me to create it into being. While I’m still not able to identify ‘it’ in a way that I can define, strategize, plan, create and market – I know I have made ‘it’ wait long enough.

I’ve been blessed to have friends who spend time here with me At the Water’s Edge let me know they find my reflections and photographs meaningful and that they enjoy dwelling here.

Shifting toward a more personal sharing of what I don’t yet know but am willing to show up and discover is as much a Courage practice as it is a Creative one. It feels such a risk expressing the more vulnerable and tender parts of my Self; yet in doing so, I am moving into a more comfortable version of my Self and experiencing my life in more satisfying ways as a result.

I sometimes consider myself to be a quiet light that gently illuminates the Beauty and Possibility within others while also letting them know that they are seen, and they are not alone. I need to release the fear that any changes I make in my life will move me away from that. I also need to just step more fully into Being that and stop trying to determine a way to turn that into a career.

… let all of your blockages and disturbances become the fuel for the journey. That which is holding you down can become a powerful force that raises you up. You just have to be willing to take the ascent.

Syncchronicity is a powerful force in my life, when I’m Present enough to notice. Earlier this week, the HR person in my workplace asked to make an appointment with me to discuss career planning. My internal reaction to that made it clear to me that while I enjoy my job and the people with whom I serve and interact – I have no interest in investing more time with pursuits that will move me further away from the personal interests I desire to cultivate.

I’ve put HR off for now, but recognized immediately that the Universe had just let me experience where my Spirit really wishes to dwell.

Last night, as I headed into the house to prepare dinner, a thought from within whispered, “you should listen to Hay House Radio tonight while in the kitchen.” It was an odd ideas as, while I do generally listen to inspiring podcasts while cooking, I haven’t given thought to Hay House radio in years. I downloaded the app and tuned in to hear who was on and the topic they’d be speaking to; I suspected it would be significant.

I felt like I’d just reconnected with an old friend – it was Doreen Virtue. Decades ago, when I first became aware of Spirituality as a way of life, I was led to Doreen Virtue. Her books on healing, her work with Angels and her commitment to the power of Light Workers in the world felt like I’d come upon a piece of my Self that I hadn’t realized I’d been missing.  I have many decks of her Oracle Cards and have used them for my own Guidance as well as sharing them for the benefit of others. Being led to her again, now, felt significant; like she was back to help me see where I’m going and to assist along the way.

Doreen was hosting a call-in Talk Show offering guidance and information on the platform of her newest book: The Courage to be Creative: How to Believe in Yurself, Your Dreams and Ideas, and YOUR CREATIVE CAREER PATH.

Amazing what can happen when I stop trying so hard and instead, remain open to what can Be in each moment as it passes.

At the Water’s Edge
Wisdom says, ‘the Time has come
To move into the Flow …’

The quotations in this post have been taken from The Untetheed Soul by Michael Singer.

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