The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away …

I’ve been occupied with ‘stuff’ lately and have not made the time to write. Not a big deal really ~ except for the fact that I’ve wanted to pop in, share a reflection or two and just feel the connection of those who stop by, when they have time because we enjoy each other’s company.



Isn’t this sculpture amazing? I enjoyed a lovely afternoon with a friend recently. She was on one week’s vacation and we promised to do something different and enjoyable together. I’ve been to this location before – but I thought she’d really appreciate its wonder; and I hadn’t been there at THIS time of year before, which changed the experience for me too.

This is a metal sculpture of a tree serving as a waterfall. I’m standing up on a scaffolding staircase, looking down upon it in a beautiful courtyard that also features a Singing Bowl, of all things.



Artist Studios are onsite ~ and we enjoyed a delicious lunch of Grilled Brie and Apple sandwiches, real Iced Tea, and then a leisurely walk through the various studios. Seems that we don’t share artistic appreciation. I’m a little more stingy with my accolades – so, less open perhaps. I did appreciate seeing Art I didn’t understand through her eyes though – I didn’t necessarily gravitate to them any more readily, but I loved seeing beyond the limitations of my own mind/experience.



There’s a beautiful gallery here too. My friend was excited when she saw the signage for it ~ the Artist was a client of hers in her past profession in the Financial realm. We wandered through the Gallery, admiring the paintings and enjoying the Native music playing over the sound system. As my friend left a note in the Artist’s Guest Book letting him know she’d been there, I peeked into the area that clearly served as his office. Holy Shock Batman – HE WAS IN THERE!

I jumped back unseen (PLEASE don’t let there have been cameras documenting my very weird behaviour), went up to her and whispered, “He’s here. I think he’s here – over there, in that office area. Someone’s there. Maybe it’s him? Yikes!” I then immediately rewound the tape in my head to replay everything I’d said since entering the Gallery. Thankfully, this Artist’s work I really connected with – so all was cool.

She went right up to the office and said Hello to the man in there. One day, I’ll be normal like that too. They were each as joyful to see the other and caught up quickly on what each had done since seeing each other last. What a fascinating man! His work features plays on light and water. It’s nature oriented – and there’s clearly a passion for the Native Culture too. He was very friendly and has promised to send invites to us both for an event he’s hosting in July that will feature a Chef preparing a meal live while he paints the scene captured on a wide screen tv of the guests taking it all in, live. I so admire the creative mind.



You can’t always plan Magic into a day. In fact, it’s best that you don’t ~ it’s just lovely when it shows up.

Thanks for indulging me. How have YOU been lately?


  1. wearmanyhats

    Oh, how absolutely funny! I love how startled you were and I know I would have done the same thing if I had looked in there! But the place sounds wonderfully beautiful. Good for you for a fun afternoon, and I love the pics!



    Thanks Beth! The only thing that would have made that moment worse than it already was – would be if he’d been looking up and actually SEEN me find him there.

    My friend of course TOLD him how I’d discovered him there ~ and it’s because of people like me that he’s created a corral of sorts with high walls and the music playing loud enough that you feel comfortable talking about the art without seeing the Artist. Some love to interact with the creator – and others prefer to appreciate the work more privately. He creates that privacy though leaves a ‘wall’ open in his space for those who desire to let him know they were there.

    It was a lovely afternoon ~ a gift in time that doesn’t present itself too often. I should have captured a picture of the lunch too!


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