The Lucky Shirt …

This is the shirt I wore on the day I interviewed for the job that would be offered to me only hours later.

This is it hanging upside down to dry, in the basement. It looked better with a human inside of it ~ but this moment is important, so I captured it.

You see ~ I almost called it my Lucky Shirt last week. And in that moment of almost saying that out loud, I paused at the folly of attributing something wonderful to – a shirt.

We do this a lot, we human beings. We neglect to acknowledge, recognize or fully honour what we bring to people, events and circumstances every day ~ and attribute outcomes to other factors.

Yes, I chose my Interview Outfit carefully ~ colours that accentuated skin tone and hair colour, shapes that flattered my own and an overall look that identified me as up-to-date, professional, but not over-the-top. More importantly, however – I chose with even MORE care the Attitude and Approach I would bring, the Words and Emotion I would share, the Listening and Sharing I would do ~ and the impression that best said, “Gosh, I’d love this job.”

So, in reality ~ the shirt had little to do with it. And yet, in the blink of an eye – I was willing to attribute the outcome to Luck, a Lucky Shirt, no less.

I’ll bet you do this too. Perhaps not with articles of clothing ~ but with something, perhaps many things, that are external to you – diminishing all you bring to everything.

Are you lucky for the people in your life; your friends, family, co-workers? Are you lucky for the home in which you live, the food you eat, the health you enjoy? Is it really Luck that led you here? Or, as I’d guess, something far more powerful … YOU created it, for yourself, by bringing all that you are to all that you do.

I’ve always appreciated Oprah’s definition of Luck: it is when Preparation meets Opportunity.

And sometimes, the grace of Timing …


  1. wearmanyhats

    You know, I’d put it all on luck…except I know better. I know what you are like. You make your own luck. Bless you and have fun at your new job. I hope it is all you want it to be.


  2. This is such an awesome post, Sally, and congratulations on your new job. Your patience and perseverance paid off, as well as everything you invested twenty years ago!

    I do believe that I am one lucky woman. But, I agree with you. I helped create it – by paying attention, by being curious, by recognizing all the other people and opportunities that helped me along the way.

    Everything is a choice, even if just the attitude we bring to a situation.



    We are Kindred Spirits ~ at least, I suspect that to be so. I’m grateful for this job – thank you for the Congrats! Paying attention, being curious and recognizing people and opportunities along the way … could THAT be the secret to living a good life?



    Without a doubt! Kindred spirits, yes. Once you’re settled into your new job, let’s plan a get together. I am now living temporarily in Beamsville (while house is being built). I have two very close friends in Toronto that I will be visiting a lot.



    I’d love that. Thank you Kim, can’t wait …

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