The joy of maintaining my Book Journal

This morning I updated my Book Journal. I can’t express how good it feels to have done this. My sister gifted this Journal to me when she returned from a vacation in Florida and wanted to thank me for looking after her dogs while she was away. That was in February 2005 – and I diligently documented my thoughts and feelings about books I read right up to August 2012.

In September 2012, I re-entered the working world after raising children and freelancing for 17 years. My life changed in many ways as a result of that and I’ve been courting, wrestling and embracing transitions ever since.

One thing I really missed when I returned to work was the reading I always previously found the time to do – and the writing about the books I’d read in my Book Journal.

I don’t always remember detail about a book I’ve read ~ but I always recall the impression that book left on me at the time. It is these impressions that I record for my Self, the themes I noted, the deeper meaning I unearthed, the lessons it taught me, the feelings it evoked, etc.

So – I made a promise to make time to read, and I’ve kept that promise this past year. What I wasn’t so good at was spending time with my Book Journal after each book, THAT seemed too time consuming to contemplate. So I wouldn’t lose memory of the book completely, I would write a review about it in – one day I would love to transfer the contents of my Book Journal to, because the site keeps recommending books I’d like to read that I’ve actually already read – I simply haven’t acknowledged reading them yet. But I digress.

There’s something about the process of writing that brings joy to me; writing with a pen, onto paper, or into a Journal. So this morning I resolved to bring my Book Journal up-to-date ~ entered thoughts and feelings on books number 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95 (that have been recorded since Feb. 2005 – this is a fiction-only Journal).





Every book selected had something specific that drew me to it – often the title, sometimes the summary, sometimes a brief scan of first chapter excerpts – and sometimes, it’s a book recommended by someone unexpectedly and reading it will gift me with insight about the person who recommended it.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of these books, with the exception of The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. This one I chose for the quirky title. I also loved the wit and humour – until the storyline became predictable and tedious. For me, this book was simply too long – and would have rated higher with me if it hadn’t prolonged the action. I’m grateful to have read it though for it held many entertaining moments.

Knitting is next on my list of things that bring me joy but have been put aside for too long. The timing is perfect too – for knitting tends to be a Fall/Winter activity for me, and Fall is upon us.

Reconnecting with activities that make your heart sing is certainly a pathway to happiness …


  1. Beth

    As I get older, I forget the books that impact me more and a book journal would so help! Thanks for a great idea and for sharing some good reads. (and warning us away from bad ones!)


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