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#Quest2016 Tracking Wonder
Prompt #10: by Charlie Gilkey #Amplify

Which element of your best work do you most want to amplify this year?

Presence, AMPlified

My Inner Council has been in closed door deliberation this past week. Wisdom, Guidance, Enchantment, Inspiration, Humour and Humility held spirited discussion about me, AMPlified, in 2016.

As a Dweller in the Stillness, I was able to tune-in at times – an experience that was as humbling as it was enlightening.

Wisdom: She seems to get hung up on the simplest of questions. She’s been with herself for decades – how can she NOT know how to AMPlifiy in 2016?

Inspiration: She tends not to trust her Self, though insight sharpens when she’s with her camera. I sent her out for a walk on Sunday – the photos she took contained information to respond to all #Quest2016 prompts for week #4.

Guidance: She listens best when she’s not ‘thinking’ about what she’s doing. Her mind is sharp and it immediately constructs realities when it’s engaged.

Enchantment: This photo with the 3 branches in the garden patch is one of the last photos she took before returning home. She called it Simply Lit; the moment she named it she knew this was the power source for AMPlify.

Humility: It all came together quickly as soon as she reflected on this photo: a yearning to step back, strip down, show up, share light, simplify.

Wisdom: The messages she’s received from others over time is that all time must be productively spent, that creative expression and inner reflection is acceptable if it can translate to income in some way. The sparsity of this photo really spoke to her.

Inspiration: She took this photograph immediately upon starting her walk, it’s the tree at the end of her driveway. She called it Tangled Shrug; she sensed the tree was puzzled and confused within the lacy web it was caught up in. She related to that.

Guidance: When she uploaded the photograph, she then saw that there were three arms to the tree. The two on the right seemed to struggle with the tangle, the middle branch even bearing a hook. What captured her heart was the Creative Muse to the left, the beautiful woman using the struggle as a launch pad for flight, to soar.

Enchantment: When she originally took this picture, she felt a kinship with the Reed stretching out of the water; tired, dried out, struggling to get out of the water and on to the dock.

Inspiration: She gasped at what she saw when this photo was uploaded.

Guidance: She was entranced by the reflective wisps in the water; creative tendrils floating away like a musical stream, sporting the letter S, for Spirit. She called this one Let Spirit Flow.

Humility: These moments of connection are significant – they remind her of what matters.

Inspiration: This photo brought the means for powering 2016’s AMPlification in to clear focus.

Wisdom: It is time, I’m grateful she’s accepting the challenge. You can’t swim for new shores if you don’t dive off the dock.

Guidance: Yes. She looked in to the moving water, not sure if there was one current or two, not sure which direction the water was actually flowing, ‘not sure’ in general. And she realized, without a doubt …

Humility: … that 2016 is the year to Trust, to Surrender, to Let Go. She called this photograph Water’s Churning Wisdom.

Presence, AMPlified

Show others how to experience communion with the Great Mystery.

Offer the gifts of Inspiration, Balance, Clarity.

Create Sacred Space where deep Wisdom and Enlightenment are accessible.

All we need is just a little Patience …


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