Step Into Your Wonder with the Energy of this New Moon (October 1, 2016)

At the Water's Edge Please, step forward and cast your Prayer upon the waves ...

At the Water’s Edge
Please, step forward and cast your
Prayer upon the waves …

For one year now, I’ve been engaged in the practice of doing a New Moon reading with Gaian Tarot cards. This practice has helped me to clarify a focus and intent for each lunar cycle and I have benefitted and grown in beautiful ways as a result.

Life has a way of intermingling clues, signs and messages that support one’s inner growth and sense of inner peace with a lot of other data, drama and sensory distraction. I so often felt frustrated and stuck in my desire to create myself into the best possible version of me because I often felt I was missing something; key information, or the connecting of dots, or signs of support and guidance that were eluding me ~ almost within reach but just beyond my grasp, out there but not within focus.

This all changed when I harnessed my ability to see through the eyes of my Imagination, my Spirit and my Heart; this allowed my Inner Guidance an opening through which information began to flow in the form of Metaphors, Symbols and Light.

Pairing my Inner Guidance with the practice of New Moon readings has been transformative for me.

Along the way, I’ve shared ‘what I see’ with others – and I have discovered that seeing with Imagination, Spirit and Heart and interpreting the messages that the Inner Guidance of others is trying to share is a gift many value and appreciate. It is also something we all have within us to do, once we’ve had a chance to experience the process.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end ...

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end …

On Saturday October 1, 2016, I will be stepping into the transformational energy the New Moon brings; it is an ideal time to create space in your life for New Beginnings and to open to the wisdom of your Inner Guidance.

I have created a 4 week, online event to lead whomever is interested in, or feels called to partake in, this process to experience a Self-Guided means of moving toward clarity and intent on something that is important to you.

This event will take place within the safe confines of a Private Facebook Group. You may participate and share visibly within the group or you may experience the process quietly on your own. You may move at the pace set within the group – or move at your own pace of guidance. My Intent is to introduce you to a different way of seeing your life as it unfolds around you and to help you recognize the ways your Inner Guidance may be trying to reach you.

Stepping into the energy of Wonder ...

Here is how we’ll do this:

Each week, we will work with a specific energy as follows:

Week #1: New Moon Energy – a time for:transformation and new beginnings, the emergence of creative energy and personal growth, looking within to see what you really want, discerning what you really want to know and work on for the duration of the month.

Week #2: the Energy of Clarifying Intention

Week #3: the Energy of Mindfulness and Gratitude – the opening of your heart and feeling connections.

Week #4: the Energy of Release, letting go of what doesn’t serve you, preparing for the next New Moon and the new beginnings you’ll create yet again.

On Day 1 of Each Week:

  • The energy and the focus for the week will be shared in a post to the group.
  • A photograph will be shared accompanied by a series of questions designed to allow you to experiment with new ways of seeing.
  • Group members will engage with the questions and document responses for use later in the process
  • These responses may be documented on the Group page or privately in a Journal – somewhere that allows you to access it when needed.

On Day 3 of Each Week:

  • An Oracle Card will shared in a post to the group with a message that will assist in the illumination of where mindful focus will best serve for the week.
  • Guided questions will assist Group members to see and feel the messages they are receiving thus far and space will be created for insights to emerge.

On Day 5 of Each Week:

  • We’ll be putting it all together.
  • Group members will be invited to share a photograph, a quote, or an experience of something that really captured their attention throughout the week.
  • Insights will be shared as to how each ‘sharing’ connected to the exercises engaged with throughout that week.

What will emerge for me, that’s the burning question …

Throughout this event, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Dwell within a compassionate, safe, private community to explore methods of seeing/hearing/feeling Inner Guidance and trusting that you are doing so.
  • Practice the Art of Presence, Mindfulness, Attention to what you desire and how you invest your time to achieving it.
  • Connect with your Inner Wisdom and interpret the messages it will share.
  • Share YOUR gifts of insight, support and imaginative capacity with others for the enhancement of all.

Over the course of 4 weeks, I will:

  • Expose you to my way of seeing what you share, hearing what you say (write) and feeling an underlying insight that may startle you while shining a potential new light on an expressed idea, circumstance or event.
  • Help you ‘see’ metaphors and symbols in everyday experiences that can shift perspective and nurture clarity.
  • Support you in trusting your own intuitive capacities by providing a safe space in which you may explore them.

The fee for participating in this 4 week event will be $44.

If you are interested in Stepping Into Your Wonder with the Energy of this New Moon (October 1, 2016) – please let me know by submitting your name and email address to me here: I will follow up with you later this week with more information.

The Event will begin this Saturday October 1, 2016. I would love the opportunity to work with you over this 4 week period.

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