Ri-ing the Living Bell, Ring the Living Bell …

Go. Sit. Write

I’ve missed writing.

I’ve missed a lot of things actually; being in better physical shape, reading, taking photographs, knitting, social media connection to name but a few.

I’ve been in hiding; from activities that bring me joy, from people who considered me their friend, from voicing my true feelings, from boundaries that better protect my time.

It is time …

… to give thanks for the abundance and prosperity in my life.
… to know that my life work will benefit the coming generations.
… to give and receive love joyfully and unconditionally.
… to know when to speak and when to keep silent.
… to cultivate patience as I learn so I may share my gifts with others.
… to find serenity in surrendering my life to the Great Mystery.
… to release what is finished and clear the way for rebirth.
… to express my joy, creativity and passion openly.
… to make my life a walking prayer.

When you change one thing, you change everything. I am ready to be transformed and liberated by accepting profound change.

This is not comfortable.

It is time.

Ri-ing the Living Be-ell, Ring the Living Bell. Shi-ine the Living Li-ight, Shine the Living Light …


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  2. Oh, I do love Melanie. Brings back so many memories. So great to hear that ringing bell again. You are gently rising.



    I was listening to Easy 101.3 on my drive to Waterloo yesterday (yes, I did end up driving there and back two days in a row) – it’s a station I can’t get in Mississauga but it does come in clearly as I approach Cambridge and beyond. They were doing a ‘Memories’ show of some kind – and they played at least 3 songs from each artist. As I took Highway 7 toward Highway 85 – Melanie was featured; Brand New Key, Ring the Living Bell, and Look What They’ve Done to My Song. I sang all three of them as I drove and it felt great. Carol King’s Tapestry was next – but even today, we still hear songs from that album; Melanie was truly a special moment. Thanks for letting me know you were here.


  3. YOU are a gift, Sally, no matter when or how you show up. Delighted to see your name in my inbox again. You are LOVED, my dear. Wishing you peace and joy in the acceptance.



    Lisa!! So great to see you. Thank you for reminding me that people hold me in their hearts and in their thoughts. That means so much to me. Whooshing peace and joy to you as well …


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