Remember walking in the sand …

I have always been captured by moments that are rich with passages of time even though, in that moment, only I am present.

I was blessed with the opportunity to stay with friends this past Saturday in their home near Lake Huron.  After some time spent in town, we headed to the beach for a bit before attending to dinner.

Looking down at the sand, I was struck by how well walked it appeared to be. Shoe prints in varying treads, imprints of varying depths, travel indicated in varying directions – and amongst it all, beautiful stones.

At times like this, I get lost in imagining who those prints belonged to ~ what stories, emotions and lives had stood in this very spot, perhaps only moments before? Were they as entranced by the lake’s lapping waves as I was in that moment? Did they thrill at the shouts and laughter traveling toward shore by children splashing and playing together in the water? Was walking in the sand one of the highlights of their day?

Earlier that day, we’d traveled to a farm just 5 minutes away to buy fresh strawberries. One of the children who lives next door to my friends works at this farm – and he’d spent the night before picking strawberries as part of a crew in preparation for the day’s customers. Locals know, and appreciate, the value of fresh farm produce ~ and are often lined up in anticipation of the onsite Market Store’s opening. Flats and flats of Strawberries were available for purchase ~ and often, can be completely sold out within 17 minutes. Imagine, an entire night’s work gone in the space of 17 minutes! We got there at a good time and secured a flat of our own that would soon become the key ingredient in home-made Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits for a Canada Day party to take place at my friend’s house the next day.

Days end at the beach in the breath-taking wonder of the sunset. In the majesty of humility, I cherished the colours, the magic and the presence of the setting sun ~ and how the sky, the lake and the natural surroundings respond to it. How might it feel to be traveling home in a small boat amidst such artistry? Was their day well spent? Were they looking forward to getting home – or perhaps reluctant to see this day end? And what of all the many, many others appreciating sunsets around the world ~ in different cities, countries, settings; what did Presence feel like to them in this moment of breath-taking capture? It’s powerful to feel so much a part of a community that appears not to exist by virtue of the fact that I simply can’t see them around me ~ yet knowing I’m not alone in my reverence for the setting sun.

My daughter’s still there, in this magical getaway near Lake Huron. I’ll be bringing her home tomorrow. I wonder if she gives thought to the impression her activities leave in the residual memory of Time. And who will stand where she stood – imagining who occupied this space before ~ lost in the Magic of ethereal connection in the presence of Beauty?

Do you remember walking in the sand? …


  1. I enjoy experiencing the day through your eyes. Imagine if we all were that present every day. Now, that would be a life well lived.


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