Release me …

For my daughters, the liberty in release:

Feather Floating


In life, there will be times when you carry the weight of something that you struggle to release, to let go.

That weight could be guilt about words spoken or not spoken, frustration at action taken or not taken, disappointment at opportunity embraced or not embraced.

It could manifest as embarrassment or shame that embedded itself in your cells, so deep that it prevents you from putting yourself in situations that may flare those feelings, hot and bright, once again.

In short, the list of potential weights and burdens is greater than my imagination can conjure.

I want you to know that we’re not meant to carry every event, every feeling, every everything within us, forever.

In life, as with computers, it is important to regularly ‘clear the cache’.

Life events bring with them information; from each person, situation and experience, we can learn something important.

Honour the learning. Whether it emerges academically, through a shining success, as part of a chance or everyday encounter, or in a dismal and heart-shattering failure; honour the learning and give thanks for the lessons contained within.

Once you’ve gleaned the parts that will make you a better person going forward, release the episode, let it go so that the feelings it evoked do not serve as filters in future encounters, events or opportunities.

Learn the lesson, develop and grow from the learning and take this more evolved Self forward in your day to day life. This is the purpose of life events – to help you create yourself to be the best version of YOU that YOU can be.

And the parts that didn’t feel so good, the parts that linger in your memory and threaten to hold you back from being the best you that you can be?

Imagine them gathered together in concert with this appeal to your wiser Self … “Come on baby, you know it’s time to just let go, cause you just want to be free, and baby – you’ve just got to release me …”


  1. Beautifully written, Sally, and I love the song. I’ve not heard that before. Release is a wonderful word – there is freedom in letting go of even small things that no longer serve.


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