Re, a drop of golden sun …

Do you actively seek out Magical Moments in your day? I do. I don’t create them so much as I notice when they happen. I believe this is an effective means of being Present in each moment and feeling Happiness as a result.

For instance, while gathering up dirty clothes from each bedroom to take down to do laundry ~ I opened my daughter’s door and was struck by this beautiful sight.

Golden sun, slipping through the blinds, lighting up her body sprays like jewels. I had to capture it and honour it as the day’s Magical Moment. And as I went for my camera, I thought about how good she smells every day, how lucky I am to know her and how blessed we all are.

You can’t always know WHEN magic will show up in your life ~ but you can believe that they WILL show up, somehow – and delight in them when they do.

Imagine how magical it would have felt to be here, in this Belgium station, when THIS happened …


  1. What an awesome moment of contemplation! Noticing light is one of the best ways to lift a mood and experience delight. And I love where you went with it too.



    Thank you Kim! I take a little bit of wonder from everyone I meet and try it on to see how it fits. I’ve admired YOUR contemplative photography for quite some time … while I’m stronger at the contemplation than the photography, I’m learning as I go!


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