Pizza, Friends a Magic Garden tour and Life wisdom …

We have so much to learn from children. This is certainly not news ~ and yet, it’s so easy to categorize certain qualities and behaviours as Childish and other behaviours as Grown Up without ever realizing that from this, discontent can often root and grow.

Creative people find it easier to see the world around them in ways other than it appears. So, too, do people who choose to do so. For me, seeing what’s all around me through the eyes of Enchantment and Wonder colours the world in Beautiful ways – infusing it with Fun, Play and Magic. Children are masters at this ~ until we knock it out of them. Adults who’ve mastered this tend to be people other people just feel good being around. They emanate a sense of Peace, Joy, Balance and Happiness. It’s a lifestyle choice for sure – and not always for the faint of heart; others judge you, some judge you harshly and vocally. I can tell you from experience, though – once you’ve experienced Every Day Magic in your life, the judgements become less significant over time. It truly becomes a practice of the wisdom that states: Those who know, do not speak. Those who do not know, speak.

It’s something you must experience to understand.

Judgement limits your experience …

There are so many alternatives to approaching Life than with Judgement or Pre-Conceived notions. If you found yourself saying, “I never do that,” know that you do. We all do – some are conscious of it, many are not. Either way ~ this approach limits your experience and denies you the pleasure of discovering the Beauty, Wonder and Magic in – well, everything.

Last night, two friends and I got together to discuss a book we’d recently read over Pizza and Caesars (similar to Bloody Mary’s, but with more flavour). We did so in the tranquilly beautiful setting of one friend’s In-Laws property. As we caught up with each others’ lives, Nature worked her Magic and we relaxed completely in the joy of good food (we didn’t cook), trusted friendship, and the anticipation of the Garden Tour that was about to follow.

My friend’s husband has dedicated COUNTLESS hours, creative energy and passion into the emergence of something really spectacular. There’s a Rainbow Forest, an Octopuss’s Garden, a shared space for Plants, Flowers AND Weeds ~ and so much more we didn’t get a chance to see because Dusk, then Darkness draped itself around us and visibility became a challenge.

A few aspects captured my attention, though – while I still COULD see. The Totem pictured above, for instance ~ it spoke to me, like this: “Hi, Hello! We’re so HAPPY you’re here!! Feel like a shower or the need to cool down? Step under our colourful Watering Can – it doubles as a Human Cooling Device! See how we’re Off-Kilter? It’s FANTASTIC! Leaving so soon? Okay – well, enjoy the rest of your tour … BYE!!!

I loved this Wishing Well. As I looked at it, it whispered, “Make a Wish, Leave a Wish.” Imagine if there was a place you could go where you Make a Wish when you need one to come true ~ and then you Leave a Wish behind for someone who may need it in the future. How BUSY that place would be.

“Oh Gosh,” I thought as soon as my eyes caught sight of this, “a Faerie’s ridden in on a Beautiful Penny Farthing! Where did she go? What is she up to? How long has she been here?” and “Has she left the bike for Peter Pan?”

Yes, I then DID look up to see if the Eternal Boy was swooping down to collect his ride. (I’ll let you in on a secret ~ the Enchanted Eternal Boy was actually already in the Garden; he was, in fact, conducting our tour.)

What do you see here? A work-in-process? A log with plant pots precariously placed upon it? Can you even GUESS what I saw?

I saw the Wheel of Collect and Release. As we move through life, we gather and collect experiences, memories, information and people. Too many of us try to carry the All Of It with us. This becomes heavy and burdensome and Life weighs us down. The Wheel of Collect and Release moves with us through Life ~ holding what we gather and collect on its upward rotation, dumping what no longer serves us in its downward rotation. Allowing the Wheel of Collect and Release to do its work without getting in its way happens to be one of the Secrets of a Happy Life. This is truth. I checked.

We always see what we look for …

We all choose how we Show Up in Life. We choose how we will meet people, events and circumstances as they emerge before us ~ and we choose how we will respond when things go in ways we did not appreciate or anticipate. Happiness does not always come as naturally as breathing ~ it is a Life Choice, an Art, a Discipline and a Practice. And for me, a Personal Responsibility. And the most efficient way of getting there that I have found ~ is via Enchantment, Magic, Imagination and Humour.

Roll up, Roll up for the Mystery Tour …

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  1. Paty

    Sally, this is so beautiful! You were lucky finding this magic place, specially at the very moment when the fairies prepare themselves to go out and join the gnomes on their nightly parties. And undoubtedly, lucky me for having the chance to see it through your eyes and words.
    A big hug to you.


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