Re, a drop of golden sun …

Do you actively seek out Magical Moments in your day? I do. I don’t create them so much as I notice when they happen. I believe this is an effective means of being Present in each moment and feeling Happiness as a result. For instance, while gathering up dirty clothes from each bedroom to take … [Read more…]

Chive Talkin’

Any moment of any day can be rendered sacred. In fact, many moments of every day can be sacred if you bring Presence and Gratitude along for the ride. With the onset of beautiful Spring temperatures, some of the herbs in my garden have sprouted and some are even ready to enhance our meals. I … [Read more…]

Be brave, Wisdom whispered, be brave …

“Where do you dwell?” asked Beautiful Flower. “Where it’s dark, and safe,” replied Reticent Seed. “You have much to share,” offered Beautiful Flower. “I’m admired for this pot – I stand here, next to you,” reasoned Reticent Seed. “Do you yearn for something more?” Beautiful Flower gently wondered. “More and more every day,” admitted Reticent … [Read more…]

find it. share it.

There is a quiet swell of meaningful story-sharing taking place online that pays more than lip service to the power and wonder of Connection, Relationship, Vulnerability, Growth and Truth. These beautiful Souls are not turning themselves inside out for the sake of Influence, Search Engine Optimization or Tribe Building. They share not for the purposes … [Read more…]