My Sweet Imagination …

Once upon a time, there was a little girl filled with Wonder, Enchantment, Belief in the Possible, Reverence for Beauty, Love for Music, Humility in the face of Magic, and so much more.

She followed the path of her life with Hope in her heart, Enthusiasm for all learning, Faith that she held the capacity to make choices that were good for her, and the knowing that Dreams held would one day be realized.

While life did not unfold in quite the magical way she’d anticipated – she learned over time, and upon reflection, that Magic isn’t always the materialization of wishes in the form you originally wish for them – but instead, in the emergence of Miracles and Synchronicity that you, alone, could not have imagined possible.

Imagine this same little girl, now the Magical Inner Child of a much older woman, walking along the beautiful path pictured above. She’s suddenly filled with the knowing that a Dream never put into words, a Dream held close to the heart yet hidden deep to protect its fragility, has led her to this day, to this place, and to this bend in the path.

As she walks, her eyes well with tears, her heart fills with gratitude and she slows her pace as she nears the bend; for she knows that she is in the midst of a Magical Moment, and she wants the moment to last.

She rounds the bend, stops and and gasps at what she sees; there to welcome her, lined on each side of the path, are Enchantment, Belief in the Possible, Reverence for Beauty, Love for Music, Magic, Hope, Enthusiasm, Faith, Imagination, Miracles, Synchronicity and so much more.

She steps back, lifts her camera – and captures this Magical moment for all time.

I wonder what YOU saw when you first looked at the photograph above, for the Magic of photographs can be the stories they tell; and the wonder of photographs is that they can tell as many stories as there are people bearing witness to them. Our Imaginations are such wondrous tools; we know this when we are young, we sometimes forget this as our lives carry on.

When we step out of what appears to be obvious (the photograph above shows the bend in a path, lined by trees on a nice day) and instead, engage with an imaginative story about what might be taking place – you tap into an aspect of your Self that will delight at the opportunity to ‘speak’ to you.

I took the photograph above after having coffee with my friend, Kim Manley Ort. Kim is a Contemplative, a Photographer, a Beautiful Spirit and much, much more. Through several of her online Contemplative Photography courses I have stepped more fully into my gift for ‘seeing’ life around me in Beautiful and Magical ways; and I capture these moments with my camera as best I can.

On the morning I captured this image, I was taken by the beauty of the trees, the bend in the path, the scattered leaves on the grass and how it all looked somewhat like a scene from a fairy tale.

When I uploaded the photo to my computer – I gasped; and the story shared above filled my head. The message in the story? “Yes, it is time to share what you experience behind your camera, or what you see when simply looking at the world around you, with others.”

What that message inspired

Kim and I are  developing an online, photography-based, Visual Journaling workshop called Once Upon a Time: Photographs Have Stories to Tell.

It is our belief that how you see any type of visual art can give you clues about what’s most important to you and how you connect with the world. We want to help you better understand and articulate why you photograph what you do; why you are drawn to images or scenes that you are.

We’ll work with you to discover themes, patterns, feelings, and universal messages in your photography and, as a community, we’ll help each other uncover the message and magic in the photographs shared.

Through visual journaling exercises that are playful and fun, we seek to arouse curiosity and imagination, allowing each photo’s magic to emerge.

And you know what? You DON’T have to be a masterful photographer to participate. If you have the capacity to take a picture of what has captured your attention – you are more than qualified to participate. (Trust me, I am that person.)

We are introducing this Visual Journaling workshop in March 2015. As this will be our inaugural launch, we’re holding space for 25 interested participants.

If this feels like something that might appeal to you – please click here for a workshop outline, an introductory exercise, FAQs and the opportunity to sign up on a list that will ensure you receive more information about this workshop as it becomes available.

Once upon a time, a little girl dreamed of sharing significance with all who crossed her path. Decades later, she rounded the bend and stepped forward into that dream …



  1. Beth

    Oh Sally! Such a wonder! You are always doing great things.

    I’m going to pass on the great opportunity you have here because my plate is full. But thank you for what you do. And let us know how it works.



    Thank you Beth, Kim and I are quite excited about this – it’s the first time either of us have collaborated with another on something so significant. We’re learning a lot in the compilation of exercises and resources … Sally.


  2. Oh Sally, I’ve missed your posts. Burlington is such a beautiful place, isn’t it? It was a magical morning. And, so wonderful that you’re discovering enchantment, reverence, hope, enthusiasm, etc alive and well inside of you.

    I first noticed the bark on the two trees in the foreground, the one closest that hugs the right of the frame and the one middle left. I love the stepladder effect on the bark. I do feel often as if I’m climbing towards some unknown destination.



    Thank you Kim. I’ve missed writing. I do it ‘in my head’ all the time – it was nice to actually ‘write out loud’ though.

    The bark on those trees struck me too. For me, they said, “Yes, life can scar you – and yet look at all the new growth that seeps through, and winds around, you. Note also the importance of letting ‘dead wood’ peel away.”


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