Lay down, lay down, lay it all down – let your white birds smile at the ones who stand and frown

#Quest2016 Tracking Wonder
Prompt #3: by Debbie Millman 

How would you do business as unusual in 2016 if you knew – no matter what you chose – you would not fail?

Surrender …

I have gifts that help people. I discovered and nurtured these gifts in private. As I learned to trust intuitive guidance, I confined my abilities in small spaces; hushed wisdom, whispered comfort, quiet connection.

I ‘see’ what isn’t there.

I ‘hear’ what isn’t said.

I ‘feel’ that which is in hiding.

I connect with others at ‘Soul’ level – and share the wonder of what I ‘see’ with people in a way that fills their hearts and empowers them to move forward in whatever way they need/choose to do.

Some come to sing, some come to pray, some come to keep the dark away …

I started to get to know my Self after I had children; it was important to me to be very clear what it meant to me to be a mother of two daughters – what did I expect of me, what did I expect of them.

This was a transformative process – I wanted my daughters to know themselves and trust in all that they knew themselves to be; I also needed to do this for myself as parents must walk the talk if they ever hope to be effective.

Over time, I embraced my ability to believe whole-heartedly in the ‘Something Beautiful’. Regardless of situation or circumstance – I would stay open to meeting the ‘Something Beautiful’ that was making its way to me. We see what we look for – I was mindful of what I sought.

After 17 years at home with my daughters, I went back to work

The world had changed in the 17 years between the career I had and the full-time job I now threw my heart into.

At heart though, people haven’t changed all that much; smiles mask discomfort, insecurity lurks behind confidence, mindful presence is overwhelmed with day-to-day chaos.

I quietly introduced Everyday Beauty. Each day, I would take a photo of something in the office, close-up so no context was revealed, and I’d put the photo on my desk, challenging people to determine what was being showcased in the picture. I did this every day for 13 weeks – people looked forward to it and valued how it made them pay more attention to what’s around them rather than just zooming through their days.

I created a box of Magic Messages and left it at the corner of my desk; if you felt like dipping in and seeing what came up for you – you were more than welcome to do so. To a person, the message spoke directly to their heart and they left feeling a lot better than they did when they first arrived.

I’m not that special, we all have intuitive abilities, there are ways to tap into Inner Wisdom, I can lead you there

2016 will be a year of Surrender for me. I will stop trying to ‘control’ the sharing of the gift I have to offer those in need of receiving it.

I am Mystical – I will own that.

I am Intelligent, Insighful and Intuitive – I will own that.

I see Beauty, in you, in Nature, in circumstance – I will teach that, I will own that.

I will stand by all who lay down, lay down, lay it all down – let the white birds smile at the ones who stand and frown …


  1. Sally, I’m going to try to take that idea of opening to the “something beautiful” as I raise my daughter and two sons…drawing on your strength and wisdom here, as I work to trust the universe more. It’s been a challenging year of parenting. I have a pendant of two cranes hanging from rear view mirror in car (symbol of loving parents) to help me remember to use the conversant time in the car with love…captive audiences all. Beautiful post and such beautiful but impactful actions you take for self and others.



    Mindful parenting ain’t no place for sissies Tania. Your children are so LUCKY to have yu as their Mom. Keep loving them as you do. And know that as you keep moving forward through the years – you gain the honour of one day becoming a Crone (wise, elder woman). That’s only one vowel away from a crane …


  2. Lay it all down. One of my favourite songs. Yes, surrender to that gift of yours, Sally Drew.



    Thank you Kim. With your support – I’m all in.


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