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At the Water's Edge 2016 behind me A new start ahead ...

At the Water’s Edge
2016 behind me
A new start ahead …

Here I sit, looking through the window pane, on the last day of 2016; I’m ready to step into a New Year, a new beginning, a new way of being the best Me; experiencing each day rather than just trying to make it through.

I have no shiny Vision, no wish list, no particular, prescriptive plan; yet I am filled with Hope and a knowing that things are going to be different and that 2017 will be a pivotal year.

I have worked on Courage in 2016, daring to identify and face what no longer felt acceptable; what perhaps was never acceptable, but I adapted to it anyway in the name of Peace, Harmony and a desire to get along.

I nurtured a Spiritual practice that was good for, and to, me. I then drifted from it, got lost in fear and worry and sadness, operated from a Victim mentality and am now standing Vulnerable on the edge of this New Year, willing to hand-over control to my Spiritual, Creative Self; wherever that may lead.

I have come to know that learning and understanding is seldom the shortest distance between two points. For me, experience is a great teacher and guide; the deeper I feel my way through life, the easier it seems to be to stand resolute with decisions made about what needs to be released, what needs to be nurtured, what might be calling for creation.

Learning in this way brings me closer to my Heart’s Wisdom; the whispers resonate with Truth that cannot be denied and Clarity emerges with no ‘what ifs’ to clutter, or obscure, the way forward.

I’m entering 2017 with the Tao as my guide, a Spiritual practice to sustain me, and a desire to serve as a creative, healing, compassionate space in which others feel safe to find their way, in their way. In sharing the soft, warm, luminous light from within, I’ll invite others to see themselves in the glow and to perhaps remember the value of their own inner flame.

I have long held the belief that the Universe is a magical place; I will prove this to be true, for myself, with my Self, throughout the coming year.

I have developed an acute awareness of my thoughts over the past year and have borne witness to the power they hold. In 2017, I will be mindful of  how I desire to feel, of the energy I desire to bring and I will then choose my thoughts, words and actions accordingly. In this way, I’ll partner with the Unknown and co-create the experiences in which I find myself; whatever they may be. Letting situations, people and circumstances dictate my thoughts, feelings and emotions seldom, if ever, worked well for me anyway.

At the Water’s Edge
Giving thanks for lessons learned
To Thy Self be true …

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