In every stone, sleeps a crystal …

In June 2015, Moon Cycles and the power in lunations crossed my consciousness. Our connection to the Moon and her cycles is fascinating, and so I decided to start doing New Moon readings for myself to see if there was, in fact, guidance to be gleaned from the cycles of each month.

Briefly, and generally, there are four key moon cycles in each month: New Moon, First Quarter or Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter or Waning Moon.

(The following descriptions of each moon cycle have been taken from this site – in case you desire to investigate further.)

The New Moon is a deeply mystical time of the month when the external world recedes and your energy is drawn inward. It’s an excellent time to retreat and reflect upon what you want to create for the coming month.

The First Quarter or Waxing Moon is a time where you are likely to encounter obstacles or challenges in moving forward with what you have started.

The Full Moon is a time of high energy, stimulating great productivity; there is a sense of things coming to culmination or fruition. You may experience new perspectives, breakthroughs and revelations. The Full Moon’s influence can be felt two days before and after its exact phase. If you’re trying to remove something, or someone, from your life, it is said you should begin the process 1 or 2 days after the Full Moon.

The Last Quarter or Waning Moon sees you feeling drawn to focusing your energy, concentrating on the task at hand and following through on commitments. At this point, you get the fruits of your labours; the end result of what you started approximately one month ago is coming to completion. During the final days of the Last Quarter, it’s time to go inward again and reflect upon your creations. ‘Being’ rather than ‘doing’ is appropriate; a time to rest and prepare for the next new beginning.

(To see the dates of the moon phases for 2016, click here.)

At the same time I was learning about moon cycles, I was also becoming familiar with a deck of Oracle Cards called Gaian Tarot. I downloaded the app and found such peace, wisdom and inspiration in the images and messages that accompanied each reading. As I wondered how best to sync myself more mindfully with the Moon’s cycles – didn’t I discover that this Tarot Deck has not only one, but two New Moon Reading spreads. (Thank you Universe.)

Having participated in this process for the last 5 months, I am humbled and amazed at how on-point the Gaian Tarot readings have been for each lunation – and how I’ve been able to move forward with changing certain aspects of my life as a result of honouring each cycle, and checking back throughout the lunation period to help interpret what I have experienced in a more spiritually insightful way.

Post image for Tree

For instance, this month I drew the Tree for the Full Moon phase.

Having experienced such pain, embarrassment and shame in the entry process of the fitness centre I have recently joined – it was enlightening to look back and see that, for me, this phase would be a time where I felt my world had turned upside down.

That although inconvenient and uncomfortable, I must allow this flow to move through me, to still my inner noise and to surrender to what is. This time of being suspended would clear a space so I can experience how the Great Mystery acts for my highest good.

And by not forcingĀ  things and waiting, I may receive gifts of enlightenment and experience Divine and unconditional love.

I chose to find serenity in surrendering myself to the Great Mystery and actively chose not to try to ‘fix things’ on my own. (Yet.)

Once in the Waning Moon phase – I knew within that I needed to speak up, be assertive, Post image for Ten of Fireand re-visit the goals that were being set for me by others who had best intentions, but whose agendas did not match my own. I saw this experience as the Universe providing me with an opportunity to stand up for myself and to leave behindĀ  the ‘me’ who accepts all that comes my way and makes the best of it rather than disrupting the lives of others, or hurting their feelings.

I had drawn the Ten of Fire for this phase – a card that speaks to releasing what is finished and clear the way for rebirth. A card that also inspired with its message that I must release my passions and energies, whether or not I want to, whether or not I think I’m ready. It’s time.

And as I went into mental twists trying to work up the courage to have this ‘I want to suspend personal training at this time and familiarize my body with exercise and movement’ conversation – the Personal Trainer called me to reschedule my 2nd session; removing the barrier I was struggling to get around.

I have put my remaining two sessions on hold with a promise to revisit in the New Year, when I feel it is the time to do so.

Re-committing to blogging again has been another step for me – further movement toward the releasing of my passions and energies, whether or not I think I’m ready.

I believe the Universe is a magical place; engage, be present, open to wonder.

In every colour, there’s the light.
In every stone, sleeps a crystal.
Remember the Shaman, when he used to say:
“Man is the Dream of the Dolphin” …

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