I go out walkin’ …


At times, day-to-day living in largely extroverted environments feels heavy. I start each day straight and tall and over time, I feel the weight of others’ needs, others’ priorities, others’ energy, weighing me down. Like the trees above, I start to droop and buckle under the overlay of noise – in all its forms.

It’s like the essence of Who I Am retreats within, leaving a stiff, brittle version of myself to manage the external stimuli that matters so much to so many.

I leak energy to all that thrives on it in an attempt to ensure that my ‘branch always runneth over.’

I yearn to enter a space where I can exist completely in the moment. A space where I can leave behind the complications so many affix to life. A space where I can forget all the things I’m supposed to be and become, Who I Am.

I long for the times that I can walk with my Self.

I cherish time alone. When I get the chance to do so, I take my camera through a secret portal of existence and immerse my Self in the magic that awaits me there.

In these moments, Time does not feel like a bully, hurtling me at the speed of light. Instead, the whirl is beautifully frozen, allowing the wonder of each moment to reveal itself in all its glory.

In this moment, birds were chirping. Ice quietly crackled and slipped off branches, ploomfing into soft snow. All within the magnificence of Stillness.

In these moments, I remember Who I Am, at essence. I feel the shields I put up in an effort to deflect the onslaught of others’ energy melt away; shields are not needed here.

Here, I walk my own path.

Here, I am free.

I go out walkin’, searching for Me …


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