I believe in Angels …

A lot has happened since I last wrote; much inner work, quiet practice and reconnecting with an art that is so special to me.

When I first began exploring Spirituality, putting concepts that resonated with me into practice, experiencing my life in a whole new way ~ I felt a connection to Doreen Virtue. Without consciously giving thought to it until now, I believed in Angels and had never considered that there could be a means of communicating and interacting with them; a heavenly collaboration of sorts.

I purchased a deck of Doreen’s Oracle Cards and discovered they beautifully served as a conduit of communication with the Angels. Any time I would turn to the deck for Guidance, Validation or a new way of Seeing a situation – the clarity and insight I’d receive would fill my heart with wonder, awe and gratitude. I seldom received the message I’d expected to receive and the wisdom and alternate perspective was always helpful.

Few know of my belief in, and connection to, Angels; it was not something I felt safe sharing with others – I feared the judgement and ridicule that might follow. Those who DID know often benefited from the Angels’ loving guidance as I would draw cards for them if asked.

Stumbling across the Hay House Radio App as I did and reconnecting with Doreen Virtue and the Angels felt like coming home; a reunion of sorts – my Self was re-uniting with something that once meant so much to me.

After writing my last post about this re-connetion and how it illuminated the magic that can happen when I allow moments to simply BE and pass as they’re meant to – I turned to one of my Oracle Card decks (I have 8) and asked this question while shuffling:

Please tell me something I need to know right now. I feel a pull to the creative and the spiritual and I wonder if there’s any information you can provide at this time?

Four cards flew out of the deck and landed on the floor beside me. (This is how it happens for me; I shuffle the deck while thinking of my question or about the person for whom I’m doing the reading – and the cards holding the information to be shared leap, flip, jump, slip or fly from the deck as I shuffle. I then shuffle these cards on their own asking for any that may have fallen from the deck by mistake to fall away now so I might separate them from the cards holding the guidance. This process also ultimately sorts the cards into the order in which they are meant to be read.)

As I looked at the cards before me, and then read the full meaning of each card in the guidebook that comes with the deck, I wondered why I moved away from this connection and felt blessed for the reminder to return.

You’re a limitless being. You think otherwise because you’re focused on the material world.

Surround yourself in music, allow it to stimulate your own creative thinking and spark new ideas.

Change to a career that gives you creative freedom.

Call on Sarasvati to focus the mind on creative projects and not get distracted or procrastinate.



It’s natural for you to wonder if your future is safe. To bring in your desired newness you must first allow old parts of your life to fall away.

Don’t be concerned about endings, they’re bringing in the new.

Your prayers have been answered, let go of the old.



Know that you are part of the Great Spirit’s grace and wisdom, a lightning rod that can conduct the power. Connect to this with/through unyielding clarity of your thought processes. Never waver in the sure and steady decision to be a conduit of the power that already resides within you.

Connect to the larger source and allow it to amplify your natural power. In this way, you’re a steady connector of the Infinite, from the Infinite and to the Infinite.



Hush your mind, quiet your worries and fears, feel me brush your brow with a new energy of faith, hope and optimism.

Clear your heart of fear, think only of your bright today and tomorrow.

Please note: if you are reading these card meanings and feeling like they could be speaking to you – they are. That is the wonder of this process – the lines between ‘giving guidance’ and ‘receiving guidance’ are blurred, feel deeply that which speaks to you and know that you were meant to read this now.

I have done a few readings over the last two weeks and there’s a theme that has emerged for both me and others for whom I’ve drawn a card. That theme is Endings and Beginnings; out with the old and in with the new. I share the guidance that goes with this now, in case it means something to you in this moment that you are here.

The old must be released so that the new can enter.

The dance of the Universe is a happy one with energy swirling and twirling in a never-ending celebration of life itself. Enjoy the remarkable journey of the weavings of the story of your life.

Your current changes are for the best.

Keep your thoughts positive as they’re very powerful.

Let the past go, it’s time to move on.

Let Kali push you beyond your comfort zone to reach the heights of your potential.


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