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Have you ever worked with Oracle Cards to gain perspective and insight into a situation that you may be too emotionally engaged in to see the Big Picture for yourself? This was a process I was willing to consider more than a decade ago. I started with one deck of Healing with the Angels Cards (by Doreen Virtue) and marveled at how the cards that would emerge always shed new light on a situation I was facing – allowing me to see my challenge differently and construct a going forward strategy accordingly.

I now work with 8 different decks – 6 by Doreen Virtue, and one each by Colette Baron Reid and Carolyn Myss. How you work with Oracle Cards is completely up to you – there is no right or wrong way to handle the cards. Each deck comes with a booklet that offers varying methods employed by the creator to tune in for Guidance. None of those worked for me though – I could not get out from under my mind’s control and always felt that, on some level, I was manipulating the results.

So, I came upon this system for accessing the magic of Inner Guidance ~ and it never ceases to blow me away with what comes up … and those I’ve done readings for are always taken aback by the information they receive as well. I shuffle the deck until the card(s) I need to see jump out and land on the table. This isn’t a result of clumsiness by the way – if I drop cards inadvertently, I always put them back, knowing if I’m meant to see them as part of the process – they’ll leap out again. And this has happened – cards I’ve put back jump out again. It’s a fascinating experience.

Anyway, as I shuffle – I think about the situation I’m seeking to apply the Guidance to. Or – I simply ask, inside my head, what the Angels (or Faeries or Goddesses or whomever) would like me to know. Oracle Card messages elevate your perspective, approach and thinking about whatever has you stuck, confused or struggling. We all know the power of seeing something in a new way can bring about effective new results. That is the power of Oracle Cards for me. They don’t hold answers, they don’t predict the future and they don’t come packed with Next Steps and Action Plans. All of THAT, is up to you. All they do is offer an enlightened new way of looking at what is before you ~ with the invitation to act on the reflection if it feels right to do so.

Today, I’d like to share the Magic with you. I shuffled my deck of Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards and asked to be shown a message that anyone who happens to visit this particular page will find meaningful and useful. Here it is – may it bring Peace, Inspiration and Guidance to whatever may be challenging you at this time.


“You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessings.

As you go through this period of change, it’s natural for you to wonder if your future is safe. I’m here to assure you that you’re part of nature’s cycles of birth, death and rebirth. To bring in your desired newness, you must first allow old parts of your life to fall away. These changes are to be celebrated, not feared. Give thanks for this shedding of the old! Embrace all of the lessons it brought, and then let it go. Be giddy with excitement at the newness of the gifts that are now being bestowed upon you, and let their magic surprise and delight you.”

Various meanings you can apply to this card, and your situation: Don’t be concerned about endings, as they’re bringing in the new for you. Your prayers have been answered with this change. Let go of the old. Don’t worry about these changes, they’re truly for the best.

As an aside, by me ~ Change often pushes us from one state of consciousness to another. It’s not always easy walking into uncertainty when leaving the known behind – but know this: Potential and Opportunity can be thought about in the here and now – but they actually live and breath through the process of Change.

To make this card’s reflection useful to you in your situation right now, pay attention to the words or sentences that immediately grab your attention in its message. Look at the image, what does it make you think of? How does it make you feel? Where does your focus go and where does it linger? Does a memory or a thought suddenly come to mind? All of this and more holds information about what you’re working through or worrying about. Again, Oracle Cards don’t hold answers – but they’re loaded with clues that can lead you to clarity, insight and harmonious resolution.

If you’d like help interpreting this message in your own, personal situation – please feel free to ask in the comment stream.



  1. wearmanyhats

    I didn’t find this in my inbox until today. I wish I had. It would have been cool to do this, but even more, I’d like to investigate having some of my own! I’ll look into it. Thanks for sharing, Sally, and if you ever have a day when you would do it again for someone, let me know. I’m interested.


  2. Sally, I am a great believer in paying attention to signs. However, I don’t know much about oracle cards, and, I have to admit, have some skepticism in the back of my brain. When you said that you had picked one out for readers of this blog post, I doubted that it would apply to me.

    Then I saw transformation. While I feel like I am always undergoing transformation, this year is bringing about changes far beyond anything experienced for quite some time. I am feeling the anxiety in my body, yet at the same time, am quite excited for the future.

    This line stood out for me because it is exactly what I am feeling. “As you go through this period of change, it’s natural for you to wonder if your future is safe.” I do wonder that, and was glad to read on that these changes should be celebrated, not feared. I would much rather celebrate.

    Thank you, as always.



    Hi Kim!

    I fully understand the reticence to Oracle (or Divination) Cards. I have a fierce, practical side that isn’t about to give up rational and critical thinking to woo woo magic or wishful thinking. And while I do believe in the power and significance of the 4 Clairs (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance) – I also know that some of the people who sell their gifts to others play on vulnerabilities and dependency needs, and it leaves a Snake Oil Salesman kind of feeling.

    The beauty of these cards, and being the one who reads and interprets my own cards, is that I’m fully aware that the only meaning the cards have is the meaning I assign them. While a booklet comes with each deck that shares the meaning behind each card – you can always do as you did, ‘feel’ a line that speaks to you more than others … and then see where that new way of thinking leads you.

    For fun, I brought out my Healing with the Faeries deck – shuffled the cards and asked if they had a message for you to help with the feeling that your future is safe and the changes you’re experiencing worthy of celebration. This is what came up:

    Stand Your Ground

    The Faeries ask you to make decisions based upon your honest feelings. Stick to these decisions and don’t allow outside influences to cause you to waver.

    When you’re really honest with yourself, you know what your desires are. Yet, other people may be pressuring you to betray your true feelings. This card signifies that your original decision is valid and that you mustn’t let outside influences sway you. While it’s always wise to listen to the counsel of others, don’t allow your own needs to be compromised. Don’t be afraid to tell others how you feel.

    You’ll probably find that when you speak your truth, new solutions become apparent that allow for win-win situations. As soon as others are aware of your true desires, they will help you find a way to manifest them without compromising their own needs. Everyone will feel happier as a result. Even more important, your self-confidence will increase as you take care of yourself, and others will respect you for standing your ground.

    An Affirmation: I speak my truth powerfully and lovingly. I trust in my strong feelings, and stand my ground in following them.

    [So funny. I really needed to hear that today too …]


  3. I am going thru much transformation. Have to move again. Starting a business on-line. Building one in DC metro area.
    The monarch butterfly on her skirt stood out to me. I remember after chakras being tuned with singing bowls one came a landed on my shoulder and stayed there for a long time.

    Spotted an apartment that seems lovely and at a good price but thru a rental agency. Please hold in your heart that if the place is “good” for me that it will happen. Hugs to you my friend and thanks for this generous gift of a reading. Cherry



    Looks like you’ve made it through the ‘goop’ part of the Cocoon Transformation and are breaking free to your Next Best Thing, Cherry. The Goddess pictured has butterflies all around her – including her shoulder! And every butterfly is headed into the light, out of the cave. Perhaps the Monarch that captured your attention shows the relative distance between where you are now and the place you desire to be. So Close!!

    I hold the wish in my heart that you find an apartment that is perfect for you in every way – one that not only ‘seems lovely’ but IS lovely. And how you’ll find it will likely be a synchronistic surprise. This is all very exciting – and you are very Brave. I guess that’s what rises up when it’s your time to fly!!



    Beautiful image!

    Cherry, What business are you starting! Can I tweet a link for you? Sandra


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