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There is a quiet swell of meaningful story-sharing taking place online that pays more than lip service to the power and wonder of Connection, Relationship, Vulnerability, Growth and Truth.

These beautiful Souls are not turning themselves inside out for the sake of Influence, Search Engine Optimization or Tribe Building. They share not for the purposes of accumulating Site Traffic, growing Time Spent on Page via Comments and Replies or in hopes of branding themselves as experts in living, pain, challenge or whatever.

This growing shift is being motivated by a sense of true connection ~ the knowing that, we all owe every minute of our lives to each other. We all impact each other, affect each other, become indebted to each other, empower each other, inform each other, save each other.

If we’ve been through something that changed who we might have been and served to create who we now are ~ we share that. And we share that because in many ways, one could argue in all ways. we serve as Mirrors to each other. The people we find ourselves with, online or ‘for real’, reflect something to us: Who We’re Not, Who We Are, Who We Have the Potential to Create Ourselves to Be. And at the same time – we are each reflecting THAT back to whomever is in our proximity.

What we do with that information – how we process it, use it, maximize it, or ignore it – is completely in our own control, as is the way our lives unfold as a result.

We all find what we’re looking for. Where some get lost is in the clarity and honesty needed to define what we’re really seeking vs the words we use instead. Community or Tribe vs people who get me, accept me, think like me, recognize me, support me. Conversation vs opportunities to push a point of view, to promote/sell a service/product, to grow site Traffic/SEO/Influence, etc. Authenticity vs manipulating emotion, fitting in, talking the talk not walking the talk, etc.

There is a place for everything. Marketers, Promoters, Sales and Service Professionals, Manufacturers, Retail Outlets, Hospitality Venues and more are all tapping the vein of Community, Connection, Relationship and Story-Telling to build and grow business, loyalty, profit and more. What has murked the waters for seekers is their own inability to know the difference between a Tactical Connection Strategy and an outreach for genuine Human Connection.

There’s a quiet and significant shift taking place though. Individuals with the insight to see through what’s not working for them, the intelligence and clarity to determine why and the where-with-all to harness the aspects that do work with the Creativity, Compassion and Love to employ that in significant ways toward meeting a greater need, aspects they find important for the serving of humanity as a whole: healing, empowering, inspiring, seeing, hearing, valuing and connecting.

To quote a remarkable young man who ‘has faith in people, believes in God and declares the Internet his Religion’: “We have faith that people connected can create a new world. Each one of us is a Creator, but together – we’re THE Creator.” This means lifting up and out of our own personal circumstance to acknowledge, embrace and contribute to a bigger picture ~ in ways that will last beyond the achieving of personal and individual goals.

I have spent this year-so-far getting specifically clear about the type of person I desire to be, the types of people I desire to get to know, to learn from, be inspired by, seek out as mentors and work with – and the contributions I desire to share with the world at large. I’m finding it. And when I do – I’ll share it.

In the meantime, I feel so very grateful for the Quiet, yet Significant Swell; those who are shifting how things are done. Quiet yet Significant is so much more in line with my personality type ~ and I desire to be a part of it.



  1. wearmanyhats

    Although I can not adhere to the intensity of that remarkable young man’s idea of religion of the internet or of people, I think he is truly a remarkable thinker. He’s been through so much! Having said that, tho, I worry about the price of connection with people we’ve only shared small bites with. Have we left the connectivity of the people with live with and love for the safer sharing of strangers? Still, without the internet, I would have never met you, Sally. And truthfully, my life is richer for our friendship over the net waves.



    Funny how everything comes back to Balance sometimes, isn’t it Beth? I think those new to online connection may get caught up to the point of distancing themselves from their ‘real life’ relationships and opportunities. This may be especially amplified if they are Introverted by nature – preferring the social interaction in the comfort of solitude. There’s no denying the importance of Balance in situations like this. And had the Internet, and all the people Jim (that remarkable young man) met while there, had not been available and accessible — Jim would have died long ago.

    If I’m learning anything as I get older and live in these amazing times – it’s that being Open to all the changes that are presenting themselves at such a rapid rate serves me better than rooting myself in pre-formed beliefs and opinions. There’s so much I’d miss if I weren’t willing to try, to assess, and then – to accept, reject or somehow integrate it into my life.

    I feel my life is richer for ‘knowing’ you too Beth – in many ways. You keep me grounded and you also have a fabulous ability to make me laugh, and engage me in a story …


    wearmanyhats Reply:

    You know, I truly agree with you about how some people use it to distance themselves. I think, though, that likes tendency to gravitate toward others that are similar in intellect or passions, just the same as in real life. Distance relationships can offer a buffer from the intimacy in our close relationships. So, for example, we can maybe tell people like you what’s on our minds and we don’t see you every day to judge us. And vice versa. I find that online relationships are more superficial, and yet they grow over time to keep the ones you really like. Sometimes you have to say what you want in a very short amount of space, too, or with time limitations. It makes for very interesting social dynamics and human interaction, doesn’t it?


  2. “This growing shift is being motivated by a sense of true connection ~ the knowing that, we all owe every minute of our lives to each other. We all impact each other, affect each other, become indebted to each other, empower each other, inform each other, save each other.” Beautifully said. Glad you’re accepting your quiet significance.



    Hi Cherry!

    So many years have been spent promoting the benefits of the Inner Quest, finding yourself, honouring yourself, doing what’s best for yourself — and on one level, that is critical, and healing, work. On a detrimental level though ~ self-absorption and self-interest is on the rise and people are sometimes seen as conduits for another to get to somewhere else vs team or community members assigned the responsibility of ensuring sustainable life going forward.

    The telescope is turning around though ~ and more and more are looking ‘out’ for ways to serve with their best selves vs scanning the ‘out’ for ways to enhance, enrich and promote the inner selves.

    Change takes time – unless punctuated equilibrium gets involved (Punk Eek) … in which case, change is immediate.


  3. There is so much truth here, and I join you in saluting and aligning with the Quiet Yet Significant. I wish I’d had more sleep so I could articulate myself better, but just know that this is an important post, and I stand right beside you.



    It felt important, to me. Thank you so much for seeing and sensing that.

    You are a Quiet and Significant to me. Someone I desire to learn from, be inspired by and work with. And each time one of us takes a courageous step forward for the benefit of others (as well as ourselves) ~ the ripples matter.

    You beside me – and others of your ilk, are crafting who I am desiring to be, to contribute with meaning and significance while I’m here.

    Thank you …


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