Dreams can ask a lot of us …

It’s interesting how, when going through something that matters to you ~ you suddenly notice conversations, people and situations around you that hold meaning to what you’re working toward. The more Spiritual amongst us call that Synchronicity ~ others call it Fortuitous or Coincidence. Either way, it’s quite fascinating.

In my quest for Gainful, Compensated Employment in return for Significant Contribution ~ I’m connecting with people I haven’t seen for more than a decade (almost 2 decades in some cases) and having conversations that I haven’t had to engage in for some time now. Job Seeking is tiring and can leave me feeling depleted. Job Landing so far eludes me ~ and it is HERE where I begin my reflection on the fact that Dreams Can Ask A Lot of Us.

I don’t have a Dream Job in mind ~ in fact, my dream is actually to consistently partner in the financial maintenance of my family; in a way that benefits all involved from all the experience and wisdom I’ve accumulated over the years. The challenge of packaging my diverse skill set continues to keep my brain synapses firing ~ and it’s also suffering a bit at the mercy of existing systems in place for screening submitted resumes.

This week – a few things surprised me, caught my attention in a way that has my Imagination at work to find a way for me to shine on this playing field that is not conducive to showcasing my offering. I’ll share two of them with you in case you are also experiencing challenges in this area and maybe have advice to share, or – at the very least, you can leave here with a sense that you are not alone.

You are not qualified – for almost anything …

I enjoyed a phone conversation earlier this week with a woman I admired immensely in my Professional Life Before Children. She was smart, she was focused, she did not suffer fools well, she cut to the chase, distraction didn’t exist and, when she was ‘off the clock’ ~ she was warm, compassionate, thoughtful with a good sense of humour. This woman has an MBA, an Honours BA and an impressive career history with regards to results and position power. Now, she’s contracting as an Executive Search Agent ~ and she contacted me to give me advice on my existing LinkedIn Profile and a Resume I sent for her perusal.

Part-way through our conversation, she admitted that Job Searching is a really humbling experience. She shared that she’s been to Job Search sites where you can input your information and determine how qualified you are for certain careers ~ and that many find that, in spite of their education, degrees, etc. ~ they come out as qualified for very little. That would be humbling. I haven’t actually done this yet, it’s one of my Next Steps in this quest ~ but I’m grateful for the heads-up so I don’t leave the computer feeling completely shattered.

Don’t put THAT on your resume …

The second ‘surprise’ I’d like to share is how many times I’ve been advised what NOT to put on my resume if I truly desire to be considered as a serious candidate. Many of my Right Brained skills, for instance – the creativity and insight and perception that flows from an ability to step out of a situation and see it through the eyes of Imagination. You know, that skill that allows Innovators to Innovate.

While sharing my skills and gifts inventory ~ there is a respect and admiration for the many offerings I have at the ready to bring to wherever I end up – and an admitting to the fact that there is a necessity for someone like me in the workforce today. In spite of that however, I’m told these same skills and gifts are best left OFF my resume as they may not give the right impression in the professional realm – or they may intimidate others in the field who will not want to work with me, etc. So, in essence, this is a process where you hide the ‘unacceptable’ parts of who you are – keeping them for more personal aspects of your life, or easing them into your professional life once you’ve got in the door and have been deemed ‘acceptable’ first.

I completely understand where this advice is coming from – and that it’s being shared in the spirit of helping me.

The paradox that arrests me and keeps my thoughts in a spin, is this: in a time when differentiating your product, service or outlet is critical to your survival – and being unique yet useful can build, and grow, customers and loyalty (thus sales and profit) – – why are we still being encouraged to fit a certain mold before allowed access for consideration as a significant, contributing member to the team and/or organization?

And this: In these times where many in the workforce feel like the Spirit has been sucked right out of them ~ why is it not beneficial to highlight the fact that infusing Spirit with energy, confidence, motivation and purpose happens to be one of the things you do best?

Again, I know the standard answer to these questions – but I do think that, while everything as we know it is changing all around us ~ many systems in many aspects of life no longer support the reality in place … and the disconnect is hurting us all. Our schools are filled with children not receiving the learning and education to which they’re entitled, our planet is filled with people not receiving levels of health care they need, not getting the food, clean water, love, support and safety that really should be a birth right. There is so much that we could be doing better, so much in need of improvement or rebuilding or recreating … and yet the supporting structures remain fixed and very much part of the overall problem.

So to circle back to where we began …

I’m learning through all this that Dreams Can Ask A Lot Of Us. Seldom do they show up in a bright, shiny, red wagon with a tooting horn and stars galore. Often, they are the reward you receive for investing the time, effort, focus, resourcefulness and diligence necessary to bring your vision to fruition with intelligence, creativity and ingenuity. Along the way, we do our best to ‘Live and learn from fools and from sages’ and to always, always always – Dream On …

[If you’re reading this post via email – a video of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ follows. Click here if you’d like to be taken to the web page and see/hear it.]


  1. Gosh, it is not an easy job market out there and how to be the one that gets the job that many are applying to becomes an additional challenge.

    I wish I had that ‘way with words’ one of your many talents that you are so gifted with. From what you’re explaining it seems your resume may be best kept more conventional in order to get an opportunity to get an interview. Which is just fine, as you sure have ‘That way with words’ plus an exceptional way of presenting things, so your resume will stand out for sure.

    Then, once you have your interview this is when your unique other wonderful qualities will shine through, and this is what will stand out as well and get you the job.



    Thank you Andrea! Your ongoing support and faith in me is a gift …


  2. Wearmanyhats

    I totally understand where you are coming from, Sally, and have chosen to work from home both for the flexibility it gives me in providing for the family and to get me back into the workforce when the time is right. I still have so many people to take care of right now, especially my father. But I’d love to be back into a career, though I don’t know how I’d manage all the other stuff I do. Even tho I know better, I still see my work as a measurement somehow of how needed I am in the world, my worth, etc. It’s nuts, but it’s the way it is.
    I don’t want to jive you. It’s tough getting back in. And with everyone checking you out online, it’s hard not to let yourself get really known, maybe too well for a job. But likewise, if a good writer has a following, that says something, too. I wish you good fortune, and I know you know that when it is the right time, the right situation will arise for you.



    Thank you Beth – and thankfully, I DO know that timing is everything – and if I remain open without preconceived judgement … the exact right opportunity will emerge. My Something Beautiful.

    Thanks for not Jiving me!! (Tee hee)


  3. I know your instincts will guide you and that you may very well secure employment going against the conventional wisdom. I keep hearing these words as I write this…”show up FULLY as you.”

    I find it interesting that you would include “Dream On” in this post. On my last day of my corporate career, I showed up at 2am in order to finish everything I needed done to end my 15 year career.

    As I sat staring at the building (something I often did in order to get the strength to go in), this song came on the radio. I cranked it up and got out of the car, singing at the top of my lungs.

    Every time I hear it, I feel it’s guidance to grow into the fullest expression of who I am.

    I know that’s what you’re doing too.

    Love you, Sally G.



    Thank you Lisa! I have decided to show up FULLY as me. It will come as no surprise, however, that I’ve yet to be gifted an interview following resumes submitted — but that’s okay, I know inside that this route is better than squishing myself down to fit and then spending the next 20 years or so miserably unhappy because I have to leave so many parts of me at home. I’m playin’, I’m playin’, I’m playin’, I’m playin’ to the beat …


  4. jo miller

    Oh, our Beautiful, Gifted, Golden, Gentle Sally. You are delivering your wisdom ~ it is reaching many. I say, keep it simple, but keep it. trust, hope, and call upon the angels, breathe, call upon our source – surrender, let it go.

    there is no way that you will ever again be in the wrong place — it may seem different, not quite exact your intention – listen to your heart. You have an incredible gift of intuition.

    ooops, this is sounding preachy – not meant to.
    I believe in you. I believe all this shifting around is very interesting. I love you, I love your insights and I know that you are on the right path.
    You take care and have fun ~ You are a clever Sprite and a loving earth angel.
    love, jo xoxoxo
    This post is amazing.



    Thank you Jo. I like to think of myself as a Clever Sprite ~ even though I’m quite certain I’ll be told not to put THAT on my resume either. I’m staying awake ~ have let go of controlling this process and am ‘feeling’ my way along. I’ll get there, and I’ll be grateful for arriving.


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