Don’t let it be you …

So many of us are striving to be better people. Books are read, workshops are attended, behaviours are changed, focus is shifted ~ all in an effort to be the best WE. we can be.

Every now and then, someone gets there. A pinnacle is reached, a hurdle is leaped, a courageous step is taken, a bold move made. Every now and then, one of us finds our self the recipient of a blazing stroke of luck – gifted an opportunity that others only dream of.

When this happens ~ some of us dance, exclaim with joy and celebrate the progress of this one who is ‘there’. Others are less generous with their unconditional love and support. It’s easier to rally for someone when they’re struggling, than it is to be happy for them when they seem to be moving faster or more assuredly than the rest of us.

Where we were once ‘all in this thing together’ ~ the focus shifts sharply back to ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘us’ vs ‘them’. Because it seems with every success or happy moment an ‘us’ might achieve – it suddenly renders them a ‘them’.  And where once we all acknowledged each others’ efforts and hard work and dedication and inner will/strength — those that edge ahead are suddenly ‘lucky’, and a myriad of reasons are stated as to why it’s happening to ‘them’ now vs ‘us’.

There is a distinct lack of Generosity of Spirit and Happiness for Others in society today. Collectives and ‘Communities’ gather and form based on shared beliefs and experience. When growth happens, or change is introduced – the person experiencing the happy and exciting time no longer mirrors the pain, or the struggling, or the confusion of the group ~ and the dynamic shifts, to the point where those who are walking the talk and making things happen in their lives are left feeling uncomfortable receiving the benefits of all they worked toward.

Enlightened wisdom is quoted ad nauseum these days.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Yet when people step up and step out and actually breathe life into this wisdom, walking the talk vs talking, talking, talking the talk ~ these wise words tend to take effect:

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Today’s Magical Thought is this: we are all meant to soar, to fly, to grow, to expand. We hold the capacity to be generous and kind and compassionate beyond measure. The momentum of one is far less effective than the momentum of many ~ and to lift each other to greater heights with eyes and heart open and focused outward vs inward creates an abundance that will see Imagination dance and leap with delight.

No one should be afraid to improve their outlook, their lifestyle, their means, their influence, anything. Dimming our light so we are like everyone else and accepted, and supported, as such holds us all back.

We can all think of times where we were afraid to shout with Joy at something wonderful we’ve just experienced. Times when the sharing of good news felt more like bragging, and so the news died quietly inside – with the happiness and the sense of being impressed with our accomplishment.

And we can all think of people who, knowingly or not, keep us feeling small. Who measure each of our successes against themselves, and find reason to diminish our moment in some way, shape or form as a result.

They may or may not know what they do ~ all I ask, in this Magical Moment, is that you don’t let it be you …


  1. Hi Sally,
    This post struck a nerve in me. This has been something I’ve witnessed- the competition, the tearing down of others who are doing well and it has saddened me.

    I’ve always been weird in that I find joy in the joy of others. If you tell me you won the lottery, I’ll do the happy dance with you and expect nothing from you, because I get that it’s your path, all yours.

    I absolutely rejoice in watching others soar. I find it inspirational and it gives me hope.

    I know that your success doesn’t come at my expense so it’s easy for me to root for you.

    Having said all of that, I’m no saint. I was just born this way. Interestingly in the past couple years when things were challenging for me and a longing for ease began, my version of competition showed up. I still never wanted to knock others down, but for a little bit I watched others around me who do the same type of work and concluded that they were meeting their purpose better than me. I told myself a story about what their lives were like and I wished and wished I was doing as well as I decided they were.

    Each time I got a new email promoting the latest project, I felt like I was “behind.”

    I had to remind myself about divine timing. I remember, I forget. I’m always working on me (and my memory.)

    On another note: This is why I don’t enjoy politics. No one will ever win my vote while tearing down their competition. That type of stuff makes me want to hurl. 🙂

    Thanks for your great work sister. You continue to warm my heart.
    Peace & Love,


  2. Mike Korner

    This human being stuff is hard Miss Sally. Your words reminded me of some examples:

    – Several years ago, a fireman near here won the lottery. He quit his job, built the fancy house, and got the ultimate driving machine but a year later he wanted to be a fireman again. People complained that it wasn’t proper because it would take a job from someone else who needed the money.

    – When a member of a team of workers “gets” the manager job, chaos usually ensues on both sides.

    – Moms and Dads are often sad when their little bird leaves the nest. Despite the goal being to raise a caring child who is an independent thinker who will go out into the world and help people thrive despite the insanity, they are sad.

    So, what does it all mean? Beats me, but I do know that part of being human involves making tough choices. Here’s hoping you have fun making yours! 🙂

    p.s. Thank you for your magical reminder! I will do my best to never let it be me.


  3. wearmanyhats

    Do you think that some people need to soar, some to be beaten and folded, again and again to be shaped into the perfect sword? (ie. structure and shaping, not physical abuse) Can people soar automatically? I wonder. It’s so hard to know how to work with people because they are all so different.



    I’m not sure that we all need to ‘soar’ – if that means reaching great heights of leadership or success or whatever. I do believe that our hearts deserve to soar though – and our Spirits, our desires and our dreams.

    So many of us are beaten and folded (such a great image Beth) ~ and I think it might be that some find an odd sense of ‘comfort’ in that. Not in the beaten and folded part – but in the known-ness of that experience. It can be difficult to face the ‘soaring’ of another when it seems so far removed from you. And others, I suspect, see it as a personal slight against them when one soars — like doing so is a direct statement about their progress or something.

    There’s way too much focus on Personality development these days and not nearly enough on Character. Being happy for someone else in no way diminishes your own life, experiences, situation, etc. It simply acknowledges Joy in the experience of another.

    On my travels out and about online ~ I have seen a general reticence by some to shine in fully glory with their happiness for fear of how others might react. And I find that both disconcerting and sad.


    wearmanyhats Reply:

    I like that. Personality development is too much and character not enough. I totally agree. I wonder about how much to put stock in the online things you see, tho because after all, some people will speak more freely online, or not at all like themselves. Other people will develop a whole new chatacter, maybe who they wouldn’t or would truly want to be. I think online is somewhat of a disguise for some people. But I’m also sure, as in the case of myself, that I don’t have time for such things, and some of the other people I’ve run into are probably straight shooters, too. Discerning theat isn’t too hard when you look deeply at what a person writes.


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