Chive Talkin’

Any moment of any day can be rendered sacred. In fact, many moments of every day can be sacred if you bring Presence and Gratitude along for the ride.

With the onset of beautiful Spring temperatures, some of the herbs in my garden have sprouted and some are even ready to enhance our meals. I fully enjoyed selecting Chives to include in last night’s dinner, and cut them with care by the light of my Nested Tealight.

[This post is shared as part of the 365 Altars initiative.]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chive Talkin’ …


  1. you have me jumping up and down, smiling, and clapping in gleeful agreement with your first two sentences! i love this post, i love this attitude, i love your humor. it’s so true, isn’t it? any moment of any day can be sacred, depending on what perspective and attitude you choose.



    It is true indeed. Every moment of every day IS sacred — at the very least, it holds Sacred Moments for those inclined to notice. I’m jumping up and down, smiling and clapping now too ~ if for no reason other than I love the feeling of gleeful agreement!


  2. wearmanyhats

    Sally does disco! Ha! There’s hope for you yet! We like chives, too, seriously. Add them with dill in scrambled eggs…verrrry good.



    I actually do like Disco – secret’s out. Don’t go all crazy though ~ hope for me yet? We’ll see. Chives with Dill on Scrambled Eggs DOES sound delicious … I’m on it!


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