Chase the clouds away …

For my daughters, a few things I can say now, with certainty:


I love the young women you are each creating yourselves to be.

I am proud of the choices you make, the effort you expend, the risks you’re willing to take and the kindness and respect you have for others.

Being at home with you both for 17 years on a full-time basis were, so far, the best years of my life.

I am excited and grateful to bare witness to the unfolding of your lives; the work you’ll share with the world, the friends you’ll make, the experiences you’ll expose yourselves to, the ways you’ll treat and reward yourselves.

Letting go of parenting styles that worked ‘once upon a time’ and learning new ways to be here for you, to support and encourage you, to guide you and to become an increasingly better person with all you teach me me hasn’t been as hard as I’d heard it would be. Truth is, since meeting you both, the lines between teacher and student have always been reciprocal and blurred.

You are both wonderfully adept at the 3Rs that mattered to me: Responsibility, Resilience, Respect. Thank you for that.

Sacred Space

Your feelings will fall in line with your thoughts – so choose your thoughts carefully; and never underestimate the influence of context.

Your thoughts will also fall in line with your feelings. When times are tough, choose how you desire to feel – then choose thoughts, words and actions that will lead you to that/those feelings.

A sense of humour will get you through anything. Never lose your sense of humour, it’s a gift and a saving grace.

Notice beauty, it lifts the heart and the spirit; snowflakes, sun rays, twinkling lights, patterns in the sand, a sleeping pet, a kind word or act, beauty is everywhere.

Creative expression is an important aspect of life. Regardless of your mind approach or occupation – we are creative at essence and we need to honour this aspect of ourselves. Whether a hobby, a past-time, the way you apply your makeup, style your hair, dress for the day/evening, decorate your home – give yourself permission to honour your Creative Self.

You mustn’t fear making a choice or taking action. If at some point, the choice or action feels, or proves to be, ineffective toward reaching the desired goal – then choose, or act again. Every minute of every day, we know more than we did a moment before – never let fear stand between you and a decision you need to make.

Boundaries matter. It’s okay to be open and it’s okay to always have a line in the sand that lets others know what is acceptable, and what is not.

I trust you – and I am grateful for the Integrity, Responsibility and Love you each exhibit that allows me to do so.

I look forward to what is yet to emerge; the learning, the opportunities, the experiences, the wonder – for all three of us.

Never doubt your innate ability, when things feel bleak, to chase the clouds away.

“You were meant to chase the clouds away” …


  1. Beth

    Lovely words to give your girls. Those three R’s are so critical aren’t they? Do they appreciate what you have written? Now here’s something to think about…mine will be moving out in about seven months. He finally just got worth living with! LOL! Not fair! As my sister once said, “Kids! They just get interesting to live with and then they move out!” Have a great Christmas, Sally.


  2. I love it when you write! Whether by prompt, internal motivation or Universal inspiration, your writing always speaks so eloquently to our human condition and our higher energy at the same time – what a gift. Love love love xo


  3. Yvonne

    That is so beautiful Sally! So well written~ my goodness, between you and Ray it’s no wonder your girls are as brilliant and beautiful as they are 🙂


  4. This is simply breathtaking.
    Your daughters are so lucky. x



    Gosh, thank you Kat. We all feel pretty lucky – love is a beautiful energy. I’m so grateful you were here – thank you again.


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