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September has been a busy month filled with opportunities that invited self-reflection in the pondering, and reminding, of Who I Am. This is an important exercise, because if you don’t have an understanding of Who You Are, then it’s easy to get caught up in the whirl and chaos that can swirl up, catch you off guard and surround you. Knowing Who You Are, what matters to you, who you desire to be and how you want to contribute allows you to anchor in something real. Decisions are easier to make, drama can be avoided, and a course can be set to get you from ‘here to there’ that does not compromise your Self, your Integrity or your Values.

Something I like about myself is my ability to see the Something Beautiful in any situation. And when I can’t actually SEE the Something Beautiful in the moment an interaction or event takes place – I hold the belief that the Something Beautiful will reveal itself, in time, when I’m better able to see it.

The front garden has been neglected this month. Every evening as I walked up the driveway after work, I’d make a note to remove the dead foliage, allowing the living, blooming flowers to reveal themselves in full glory.

For me, the Something Beautiful was that the dead blooms and the vibrant blooms could co-exist – the living flowers seemingly unaware that they were being minimized or diminished in any way by what surrounded them.

I made the time to do that today; pulled weeds, trimmed and watered. We were out of Yard Waste bags to hold what I had removed, so I took a small basket with me until I can transfer them when the proper bags have been purchased. And to my surprise – a new Something Beautiful emerged.

While the living elements of the garden looked great when the weeds and dead items had been cleared ~ the basket of weeds and dead elements revealed a magical beauty all their own. At least, it was beautiful to me.

This got me to thinking how so many people carry elements of their past around with them – events, circumstances and people that they regret being a part of or knowing, or that they wish hadn’t existed at all. And while no one else can see those aspects within another – the person carrying it around with them thinks it’s as obvious as the dead flowers and weeds that threaten to hide and choke the vibrant, living creation that is getting through each day as best they can.

This brought me back to a week in July – when I shared a cottage with my daughters, my very good friend, and one of her teenage daughters. I’d collected rocks to bring back for my garden – and asked them to choose one of the rocks and write a life quality that they felt was important on it. These rocks have been in my back garden ever since. Where once they were colourful (red, blue and black had been used in the creation of their quality stones), rain and time have erased all but what was written with the black marker. That first rock once said, “Be You, Stay True”.

What has struck me since the day they returned the rocks to me as a gift for my garden is that in handing me these stones – they gifted me the opportunity of knowing them each a little better. It has become so clear and obvious what my own two daughters have wanted most from me; Understanding and the freedom to step into Individuality. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for now knowing this. I approach each daughter with a desire to honour them with the quality they need most ~ and it has enriched our respective relationships immensely. And the Be You, Stay True quality is so important – I do hope that the lovely young woman who gave that to me reminds herself of that every day.

Something Beautiful is always near us, with us, or just around the corner, waiting to emerge. I believe that to be true – and wish many a Something Beautiful for all.


  1. Hi Kelli! I know I haven’t been emailing you, but I DO read all of your blogs and pray for you guys. I want to tell you about what heeapnpd yesterday! I am on the Missionary Conference planning committee at our church here in Sun City, AZ, Grace Bible Church, and at our initial meeting I met our chairman, Steve Karum, a retired’ missionary who served in Thailand. He was quite familiar with Mae Sot. He asked me who you are with, and I guessed World Partners. Is that right? He is now serving as a Care director for western states New Tribes missionaries with whom they have served. He’s kind of part time at the job and kind of retired like us. So good to have an excuse to write you!


  2. Jen Daniele

    Weeds are beautiful to me, but then I have a special place in my heart for anything tenacious enough to grow in spite of overwhelming objections.
    I’m especially touched by your garden stones. What a beautiful concept!


  3. For me, the Something Beautiful was that the dead blooms and the vibrant blooms could co-exist – the living flowers seemingly unaware that they were being minimized or diminished in any way by what surrounded them.

    This phrase sticks out to me as how sad our world is becoming with not knowing how the beauty that it once was is being diminished because it seems class and couth are something to not be revered anymore…the nastier the better or at least that’s the way it appears when you peek into life anymore on TV, on the social networks, etc., and in life just observing people and their children in a store.

    Even with all that, I too still look for the beauty in everyday life and am thankful for the beauty I’ve managed to maintain in my children if not so much in my flower garden. 🙂

    Great thoughtful/inspirational post, as usual, and so glad to see you’re writing again.


  4. Beth

    What an excellent idea! I think we should do something like those rocks. You can come and help me do mine. I’m feeling exceptionally unmotivated these days. LOL But it would be a good thing to get back to my gardening.


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