A peek into this Introvert’s ideal day …

At the Water's Edge Nature's beauty, Journal page This girl's perfect day.

At the Water’s Edge
Nature’s beauty, Journal page
This girl’s perfect day.

I am feeling so blessed.  I wanted to be by the water today. It’s May 23rd, Day 3 of a long weekend – all my chores are done and this day is for me and my Self. I wasn’t sure where to go and initially headed toward Terra Greenhouse in hopes of wandering around amongst the plants and flowers, getting ideas for this year’s garden. I think the whole of Mississauga was already there – so I drove by and decided to head toward the Lakeshore instead.

Driving through beautiful neighbourhoods on roads I’d never before travelled with the windows down was restorative in and of itself. If the parks along Lakeshore Boulevard were all full – I’d still consider this a beautiful day.

I did pull into a small parking lot with two parking spaces left, got out of the car and walked past families and couples enjoying the sunshine at the play park or on blankets on the grass; I headed straight for the lake.

I found a path leading away from where the other lake-dwellers were sitting and talking and I scrambled down big rocks. over a bit and then back up to sit in solitude and enjoy the view.

My intent was to practice deep listening – and as I did so, I was surprised at how many human-generated noises were blotting out the lapping waves, the squawking seagulls and the gentle breeze.

I sat for a bit, and then moved on in hopes of finding a quieter space.

It’s good to trust your inner guidance. As I walked toward another entry point to the lake, I found the source of a noise I had not been able to identify from sound alone; a whip. Many whips in fact – I think a circus troupe was practicing in the park; fancy whipping and various forms of juggling-type motions and maneuvers. I marvelled that I’d had the chance to see this today, and moved a little faster – it was a bit odd after all. [No pics – I tried not to draw too much attention to myself.]

I appeared to be walking toward a larger crowd of people and my heart sank a little bit. I kept going though as I felt moved to carry on.

I noticed a path no one else seemed to see and I walked it; so grateful that I did.

It was like I’d stepped into an oasis. People sounds faded away, here – Nature ruled.

Seagulls, geese and many little birds accepted my quiet presence and I enjoyed every moment of their chatter.

I found a beautiful place to sit, atop a cliff, hidden by trees and graced with dappled sunlight.

This space was also at least 10 degrees C cooler than the sunlit park I’d just left – bestill my heart!

This has been a magical afternoon and I’m grateful to have followed by inner guidance to this place that has filled my Soul.

At the Water’s Edge
Nature awakens my heart
This time was well spent …


  1. I lived this vicariously through you. Sounds like a perfect day to me too.



    It was truly magical – I channeled your presence, being brave on my own (with my Adventure Shoes).


  2. Ruth Thompson

    Hi Sally,

    Thank you for posting your insights. Enjoyed the afternoon with you through your blog/pics!



    Thank you Ruth – it was truly a brilliant afternoon. Grateful you were there with me in Spirit.


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