2016 will be the year of …

#Quest2016 Tracking Wonder
Prompt #12: by Jen Louden #2stories

What is the story you most desire to bring to life in 2016?

In a flash of insight (that was DECADES in the making), our Heroine realizes that she’s been ‘backing the wrong horse’ ~ and this knowing lights up an exciting new means of travel with an odds-on bet for fulfillment in 2016.

What’s the story your just-right client most desires to bring to life in 2016?

There’s a place for me, and it is wherever I happen to be when I discover that the parts of me I consider unacceptable or ridicule-able will actually flourish and bring a sense of wholeness, with attention, in the light of day.

Where do your 2 stories overlap?

The weight of others’ Judgement is Spirit crushing. We can nurture what brings us Joy, what feels Purpose-full and significant, what invites Grace into our hearts in one of two ways:

  1. in the quiet, while ‘out loud’ striving to impress those who judge us harshly/unfairly
  2. ‘out loud’ while quietly sending blessings to those whose opinions matter and deserve respect, but no longer hold the power to make us feel deficient and unworthy

The Question: What do I serve?

The Options: 

the Hope that one day I will impress those who are disappointed in, or embarrassed by, me again and again?

the Chance that I may be the light that invites others into the sacred space of All That They Are, providing safety, encouragement and support along the way.

Let’s dance as we celebrate the year of …

Taking the Chance

(I once was lost, but now am found – was blind, but now I see …)

(Disappointment? Failure? – That’s not my name …)

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