10 Questions, 10 Photographs, no words

Inspired by a post I read on Kim Manley Ort’s site, A Visual CV, I have taken on the challenge to answer 10 questions with 10 photographs, no words; a creatively wonderful exercise. I wonder if you will interpret my responses as I intended to communicate them?.

Who are you?The Sky's the Limit

Why photography?Reaching, Ever Reaching

What is your trademark photographic style?Mirror Mirror Down Below

 What truly inspires you?She Walks Alone, She Walks Alone

Where do you go when you close your eyes?Feather Floating

Where is home for you? Pensive Amanda

How would you describe your lifestyle? Faith candles, face on

How do you view the world? Orange and Blue Ice and Streetlight

What makes a great shot? time-stands-still-in-the-forest

What is an important lesson you have learned? walking-in-the-sand

I would love to see how you would answer these questions with photographs that represent your responses. If you do give this a try, please leave a link to your Self in Photographs in the Comment section below.



  1. I feel alive by nature, close to the mountains, and the trees…There is my

    Flowers inspire me…as well as children.

    Great photos.
    Thanks for sharing
    Greetings from Central Portugal



  2. Hello Sally. I found this great post via your comment at Kim Manley Ort’s. I love your response to the questions. I particularly enjoyed your trademark photo with the beautiful reflections, and where do you go when you close your eyes. I think I might join you there! I like your one foot in front of the other at the end too.
    It really is a challenge isn’t it! I had a go too, and since you asked here is a link to my post


  3. This looks such fun, Sally! I’m especially intruiged by the photo under the caption: ‘How do you view the world?’ Your trademark photographic style is just beautiful also!


  4. Beth

    Oooh, this is so COOL! I love speculating about the answers to the questions about you. I’m not into photography right now in my life as much as I would like. Maybe some day. But this is a great exercise to bring people into you in a way beyond words. Lovely.


  5. Oh yay! What a great way to re-start your blog. I love this exercise because each person’s is so different and so perfect, which is as it should be. Keep on keeping on, Sally.



    This was so much fun to do – and challenging too; thanks again for bringing my attention to the process.

    I’ve written so many blog posts in my head over the years that I was surprised to see that this was the first ACTUAL post for 2015. And to your point, I then thought, ‘Wow, what a great way to step back into it.’


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